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Ballets: Movies: Giselle in 3D on the big screen

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Ballet Mistress tdc

I went to see the 7:30pm show as well. I would agree that it didn't need to be in 3D . In fact I think it took some of the magic out of it. You could really see the EVERYTHING so all of the special effects, so to speak, weren't so special anymore.

Ericahart, you will be happy to know that while the theatre was not full, there were a lot of younger people including several teenagers and 3 children. All stayed quiet and focused on the film. I believe all were dance students.

I am happy that I went though. I truly enjoyed watching Osipova's pointe work. I do have 1 question. Where was the Peasant Pas? It's always one of my favorite parts of Act 1.

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We are just back from the movie as well.


I think I would have been just as happy without the 3D. I would have loved to have not had people with candy wrappers. Could have lived without the heavy bass from some adjacent movie (sounded like the low rumble of bombs going off). Would have loved a program. :)


Still, the performance was wonderful. Natalia Osipova looks like she makes a conscious decision to land or maybe stay up in the air another few counts. Beats? Who could even count them? Leonid Sarafanov is equally amazing. I was holding back applause a few times until my daughter and her friends couldn't resist anymore!


In our venue, it was a smaller theater. It was probably 80% full and I suspect I knew half of the people there. We did have more females than males but a wide mix of ages... some young dancers from our dance camp program, local teens (male and female) from our SI, our favorite pianist, the school AD and visiting guest artist (a famous dancer in her own right). Oh, and a dancer I recognized from a local regional ballet company too. It was a nice mix. A few 20-somethings too.


I still thought of the willis in Act 2 as ghosts. My understanding is that they are the ghosts of other girls who died before their wedding day. I do see your point that perhaps you could think of them as angels as they did have those little wings and the wreaths on their heads could be halos.


Hope this comes out on DVD. Would love to own it!

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Dang, I'm horrible, I didn't know that specific of details about Giselle... just a bit of an idea of what was going on.


I noticed the mechanism that was holding her as she dropped the flowers as well... I didn't think it detracted from the whole thing any moreso than I was able to see the cables during those flying parts.


Yeah I love watching the feet... I could probably watch it all over again doing nothing but watch the feet specifically.

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I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this “performance”, and am glad that I learned of it here. Natalia Osipova was lovely, and a very convincing actress. Her jumps did seem like effortless flight. I was happy that the camera work was balanced and not too distracting. The cuts between full stage shots and close-ups worked for me.


At our theater, much of the audience was indeed on the far side of fifty, but we also had a large group of young dancers and their moms sitting together. They were quite chatty before the showing, but as soon as the lights dimmed, the room was silent. At the end, when the dancers took their bows, the audience in the movie theater broke into applause! It was a slightly bizarre but heart-warming experience.

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I am in agreement with Ms. Leigh. The mechanical thingie was very odd, especially from the angle that it was filmed. Perhaps from the audience it looked a little better? I also didn't care for the wreaths on the male peasants, and I thought Albrechts tights were a little too bright purple. Absolutely loved the embroidered costuming on the female peasants, and I thought the low backs on the peasant blouses were pretty.


While Osipova was very beautiful, I too was bothered by the extension á la seconde. It was as if she was just concerned about getting her leg up, and didn't even bother to fully point her foot.


I found the 3D very distracting, and wish it hadn't been filmed in that format. I'm glad that I went, because I think it is important to support such projects, even though it may not be my cup of tea!

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I took DD and a friend last night. We were a bit late so missed the first 10 minutes but they were spellbound the rest of the show. I agree the 3D was not necessary but I did love the interspersed close ups. I have been to other ballets in cinema presentations and we are usually the youngest ones there by many decades :(


What a shame these series are not better advertised. It is a really great opportunity for young dancers to be inspired and see world class dancers.

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