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Hello all!


I am 21 years old and am a former dancer with a preprofessional company. I am now in college and have not been dancing for the past 3 years (I stopped when I came to college). I've always had a weight problem, so much that even when I was in high school I wasn't allowed to perform because of my weight. Although I was told I was a wonderful dancer, blah blah, I just couldn't shake the weight thing.


I'm now on weight watchers and I'm trying my best to lose the weight . That being said, once I start to lose weight, I would really like to start taking classes again. EASY SIMPLE classes.


Has anyone had experience with transitioning back to taking ballet classes after losing a significant amount of weight and 3 years off? How long will it take me to get back into the swing of things? [My flexibility is awful now...well, not for the "average" person"]


I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all!


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I do not have the expertise to counsel you on handling weight transitions, but I just want to say congratulations on coming back to the barre and on your new health commitment! The advice I will give is: Be kind to yourself and have patience while your body re-learns those movements that might seem for a while to be foriegn, like something from a dream you once had. And have fun! I hope you find a welcoming and fun ballet school soon.


Also, I have a few students in my own class that are, by medical definition, overweight. I have never, nor would I, asked them not to perform or criticized their weight. It is my pleasure to see them grow in dance and become the beautiful performers they are becoming, and I hope as with all my students that dance is helping them to lead healthier lives. You seem to have a wonderfully positive and understanding attitude towards your prior directors and their decisions in that regard. I admire that, but I'm sorry you had to experience that situation.

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I know several people who are overweight and love dance... and dance to their heart's content! I guess I would just say don't get discouraged, and get to dancing as soon as possible! At least, that is what I would do! :) Coming from somebody with some weight management issues myself, it can get easy to be distracted or discouraged by a body not being "balletic enough" - and that's just silly. Dancing has nothing to do with that - it's how you move that counts, and how it makes you feel. Good luck with everything and if ballet is something you love, then I'm extremely happy you're planning on dancing again!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, backtothebarre!!!!


I'd like to encourage you to get back into class NOW!!!! I'd also like to encourage you to think less about numbers on a scale, and to simply think about enjoying life! It's wonderful that you have the ability to dance- now go do it! Many others may wish for the chance to be in your shoes, to be able to move with a certain amount of freedom.


Let us know how it goes, and don't worry- things will come back to you- some things more slowly than others, but you will find it to be like riding a bicycle!!

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The beauty of being an adult ballet student is that we come in ALL shapes and sizes (and experience levels), the common thread that binds us is a love of ballet regardless of conventions telling us we are too old/inflexible/weighty...etc... You'll find so much inspiration here. Welcome. (p.s. don't listen to the detractors - just dance because you love it)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, backtothebarre. Glad you found us.


Do keep us updated on your journey back to dance -- you'll find it quite different as an adult student, and you're in the company of those of us who know what it's like.


But could you take some time to look at our policies here, especially those on discussing weight? I've had to edit your post to take out references to specific weights. What you'll find here is that weight is fairly immaterial: we are about dancing, not the stereotypical "ballerina body" which is a myth anyway!

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Good heavens ! I can't believe that they woudn't let you perform because you were "overweight"! That's totally unacceptable in my book! Still I suppose at a pro school perhaps there are different standards. Anyway, do not let it stop you now! Even if you think you need to lose a bit more weight, that's no reason to put off starting classes. No-one judges or looks askance at people's bodies in adult classes. We are who we are and we dance because we love it. Get those tights on girl and get yourself back to the barre - but take it slowly! :)

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I left doing ballet for over 5 years after an injury in my late teens, and came back recreationally in my 20's. Just be careful, sometimes your mind still thinks it can Grands Battements up to your ear, but reality is another story.... But hoorah for being back at the barre! :speechless: - you will love it (but maybe have some epsom salts on standby.. :) .)

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One thing I have seen since returning to classes as an adult is that it is not about the thin static body but about the body in motion; thin, bigger or inbetween! The most beautiful bodies in class are NOT the thinnest ones (who may belong to very stiff, unballetic people by the way) but the bodies who move gracefully and with passion and confidence :)

Go to class NOW :speechless: Wear something you feel comfortable in and you will do wonderfully and progress fast AND lose weight just by enoying the dance.

When I returned to ballet classes not too long ago, my whole body changed to something longer and leaner than I ever expected and I am even looking quite graceful :)

Folks in adult classes are very supportive of each other. We have MEN in their 60's in class, bigger folks, very skinny folks, all sorts and no one judges...we are only impressed by talent :)

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...we are only impressed by talent :)



And enthusiasm :)



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