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Teeny hands and feet


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I saw a dancer in class lately who is technically very good but has the smallest hands and feet.....distractingly small. This got me to wondering if it is more appealing for the line to have larger or should I say LONGER hands and feet or does this matter atall? Do long feet look better en pointe? Do longer hands look nicer in port de bras? Is this a taste thing or does anyone even think about it? Am I just weird to even notice!? ;)

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I think it is a taste thing. I find that Uliana Lopatkina has long feet to the point of distraction and do not like the look at all. (Of course she has many other qualities :flowers: )

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LOL! Maybe it is moderation/ averageness that is most appealing as with most things! :flowers:

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I think it's also a usage thing. Does the dancer form lines that stretch off into infinity, or do those lines end at his/her fingertips and toes? These qualities have nothing to do with size or shape.


For example, have you ever watched a dancer and thought, "Wow. I totally didn't notice she was in pointe shoes!" because her shoes truly became an extension of her legs and feet? With that ability, foot length won't matter one way or the other.

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I think long fingers look great when used well in line with the ports de bras, personally. As for feet, I have no preference for length. I think tiny feet would be really cute actually. I suppose that my foot bias is that I love a ridiculously arched foot. Dancers that can use their feet like extensions of their leg line to the point where no one notices their actual pointework is by far superb to watch onstage! Agreed. I still get super impressed when I see pros that work their feet as if they were dancing barefoot. When I finally notice that they're wearing (duh) pointe shoes, I'm always awed.

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