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I wanted to hear people's thoughts on keeping old Youtube videos of your DD's dancing posted as they get older and are considering jobs.


I have a few (maybe 4 or 5) videos of DD dancing posted from her junior year in high school. I posted them mostly to share with family but also because you know - I am a mom and am proud. I never really gave them much thought because DD is happily in college, loving life and dancing there and plans to finish it out before auditioning for anything (dance or theatre). However, this summer she has been working at a theatre camp with someone from a dance company who has asked her for a resume and headshot (which we had to dig up from a few years ago since we have no recent ones) and has talked with her about his company. The videos of DD are nice, style wise they are probably a good representation of her strengths as a dancer, but they are now several years old and she is a better dancer now.


So do people think it is a problem to leave older videos posted? Would people looking at them notice they were posted in 2009, so may not be a good reflection of the current dancer? Or do you think it is a moot point and companies are not even looking at youtube?

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I think it should be her decision. :(

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Then again, you could remove them and then re-upload them for private viewing only. There is a category that let's you post so only people you want to see them can see them. This way she can have access to them to send if she wants, and deny access to those who she doesn't want to see them. Best of both worlds.

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