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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Books: Various Positions by Martha Schabas

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The reviews look fascinating. Apparently it doesn't release in the US until 2/14/12. :D It's listed as YA (young adult) fictiion...should be a quick (and fun) read...when it gets released. Thanks for the info!

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msd, I guess this is one time you in the US will have to order something from a Canadian bookseller! You can share in the frustration we feel much more often when products aren't available here or are only available here after a long delay... or are available here at 150% the price :wacko:


More recent -- and detailed -- reviews:

Globe and Mail

Toronto Star


I've also read the book now. I don't think a young adult designation is really accurate, though it is certainly appropriate for and will appeal to some young adults. Many parents will want to check out the contents before passing it on to their children.


I found it an engrossing and quick read. But I wouldn't call it fun. You know from the beginning that the plot is building to big trouble, so it was a bit like waiting for the inevitably gorey climax of a horror film, peeking through parted while you cringe for what you know is coming. Not that the book is gorey or in the horror genre!


There is plenty of ballet content in it. I think some people with no affiliation to dance will find the ballet world to be mere context (like, in my opinion was done in Black Swan), I think ballet plays a more central role in the plot than that.


Worth a read.

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Just read this book. bought it actually because my goddaughter did her Master's at the same University as the author - I don't see that on a bio very often.


Anyway, I found the book a bit disturbing. Still not sure how I feel about it. I would certainly not recommend it for younger readers. (Showing my age I suppose).

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You know, my instinct was the same as yours regarding young readers, mom2, but then I realized that I certainly could have read -- and handled -- this book in high school. That's why I think it's in the "best decided on a case-by-case basis" category. But I absolutely believe the author did not intend for it to fall into the young adult fiction category.

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I suppose some highschoolers could handle the content, but to be honest this wouldn't be a book I would have wanted to discuss with my teenage daughter.


In addition to the sexual content, also disturbing was the dysfunctional family, and the family's inability to discuss - well, practically anything. :wacko:


And just so others know - eating disorders are also in there too. A lot in between those (book) covers!

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