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Television: "Dancemoms" on Lifetime

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OK, a curling iron burn does NOT make such an audible sound, regardless of whether it's a sober mom or a drunk mom wielding it. If she was "rolling up the cord" as she claimed, then the iron was not still hot enough to even sting you a little bit.


Making such a big deal out of third place is pretty ridiculous.


So, besides the crying, this show is almost as hilarious as the "Razzle Dazzle" trailer.



I really love your quote in your signature line. . . but I really must disagree with you. Did you think Paige's crying when she froze on stage was fake? She was set up for that. . .not given enough time to practice while other kids got requisite time.



No a curling iron wouldn't make that noise but have you been burned with a curling iron? It actually is very hot. .. I am a straight-haired girl who has a long history with curling iron burns. She could have disconnected the cord and then been rolling the cord. So it's really possible that it had just been unplugged. I really don't think that those were fake tears.


I just feel a level of concern and compassion for all of these kids.

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I don't think it's an overreaction to say this would never be tolerated on a Little League ball field. If a father was drunk and swearing at coaches and cussing out other parents in front of the children, 911 would be called. It wouldn't be OK for little league kids to witness that, and it's not OK for 6 year old little girls to be subjected to this. Those children are pawns. They are being used. Not just by their parents, but by the producers of that show. Forcing/ecouraging/ setting up situations for kids to be emotionally harmed for entertainment purposes should not be OK. Even if there are currently no 'rules' against this, it is crossing a decency line. Child labor laws can be changed. Those kids are being exploited and someone should care about that.


And I can care about this exploitation, dead teenage football players, and Indian kids chained to carpet looms. Just because some kids have it 'worse' doesn't mean nobody should want to protect those little girls from reality TV shows like this. I was shocked by the sobbing children during the ranting/swearing scene...to what end? Why? To make us watch TV so toilet paper can be sold? I had no idea it was going to be so awful.I never though T & T would seem tame in comparrison. If it's not a set up, and the drinking is an issue for these moms, is it right to exploit that? If it's not an act, is it this really perfectly OK? Did these families understand fully what was going to happen to them, were the creators/producers 100% honest about what they wanted to show/exploit?



I AGREE! The kids have NO CHOICE! And for the record, I KNOW that these producers are NOT playing by the rules.

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Ok my favorite line on this show has to be one of the little ones "I don't want to be on broadway or anything, I want to stay home and eat chips." Probably the most honest line in the whole show.

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Ok my favorite line on this show has to be one of the little ones "I don't want to be on broadway or anything, I want to stay home and eat chips." Probably the most honest line in the whole show.


I think I pretty much said the same thing when I was around five years old and my mom wanted to enroll me in piano and ballet lessons. :thumbsup: And when my mom wanted to enroll me in art lessons, I told her I already knew how to draw (though I didn't!).


I watched the 1st episode last night (having already seen episodes 2 & 3). For some reason, episode 1 seemed a bit more extreme to me and I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the screaming mother (whose daughter was "kicked out" of class for not being in proper attire).


I'm trying to think if my parents would have agreed to participate in something like this when I was growing up. Perhaps during the couple of years that I was at a ballet/jazz studio that did competitions - if there were camera crews there and all the other girls in the junior company were participating, I think my parents would have just gone with it. Of course, I being the shy, unemotional kid, would have been an absolute bore for television audiences. I definitely would have been completely humiliated if I cried on camera. But some kids cry a lot - and some kids cry not because they are hurt physically or mentally but because they know they can get attention why they cry. None of these girls seem like the type (at least, from what we are shown or led to believe) but I have seen dance students like that.

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" I being the shy, unemotional kid, would have been an absolute bore for television audiences. I definitely would have been completely humiliated "


DD and I were talking and what makes this show less interesting than Toddlers and Tiara is that the kids are really pretty bland. It is the moms behaving badly and the kids all seem ratehr bewildered about the whole thing. TnT the kids seem more invested- not sure whether that is good or bad for the kids, but in terms of viewing it is more interestings - and yes sad that I watch.

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Can someone please tell me what dancing credentials Abby Lee has other than she has a studio and she wins at dance competitions? I have tried to Google her and all I get is info on the show. Her own school website doesn't give much information about her. Where has she trained? Who were her teachers? Where has she danced professionally?

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Will a couple of plastic trophies get you into college? Or a Ballet company?

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Will a couple of plastic trophies get you into college? Or a Ballet company?


Actually, in some cases the award winners do get into good dance colleges. But key is that you can take a kinder, gentler approach and get there also and understand it's not the trophies, its the ability which in some respects does correspond to the trophies!!!!!! :unsure:

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Will a couple of plastic trophies get you into college? Or a Ballet company?


I don't think the students and parents on the show have the goal of college or a ballet company. Their goals are to dance on Broadway, dance at Disney parks, cruise ships, industrials, videos, things of that nature. Their goals are no better or worse than our kids' goals (college and/or ballet company), just different. I bet there is a way to accomplish those goals that doesn't involve screaming in people's faces, though.

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Aleast one of the featured students on the show has participated in the Youth American Grand Prix.


At the avarage age of the girls on the show, do any of them really know what they want to do "when they grow up"? A few of them have said on camera that they don't really like dance class. I too loved the potato chip comment. And the one little girl said she dances because it makes her mom happy.

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What a bunch of bunk re episode 5. Absolute bunk. I wasn't going to watch, but I did. It's set up to be crack.

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I was recently reading a book review in Time on the book "The Family Fang," by Mary Pols and caught this quote that really seemed to hit the nail on the head in the Dancemoms context:


"Rather his Fangs (the family) are stand-ins for a larger phenomenon: selling out of one's life and children for the sake of noteriety. (Think Jon and Kate, the O'Neals or any of the reality stars who've made sacrificial lambs out of their family members.)"


IMO that's what this is. Kids being taken advantage of and told that it will "help their careers."

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It is getting harder to argue to the kids that this kind of notoriety won’t help their careers. The Kardashians, Perez Hilton, at this point Lynsey Lohan have done nothing but exist and they are making gobs of money, go to great parties, give to charity, wear fabulous clothes and don’t seem to be having any trouble at all with a “career” or suffer any consequences or very minor consequences for their lack of talent or for not working hard at anything or actually get rewarded for bad behavior.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the Candy person on this show isn’t rewarded with a spin off show for her extreme selfishness at the expense of her daughter who clearly doesn’t want to dance, at the expense of the Abby Lee studio she is disrespecting at every step or disrespecting the other Moms in every way imaginable ranging from going rouge on the Mom routine to nasty comments about another mom’s nose. Her show will follow her around being stupid, rude, materialistic with occasional shots of her long-suffering daughter rolling her eyes, sighing, and trying to cope.


These dance girls as they grow into their teens will go into some “B” lister reality show, Dancing with the Stars, guest spots on “The View” and a ghost written book called “My Dancing Life with Abby Lee” where they spill more dirt about the behind-the-scenes stuff.


They all make money, get jobs and we are left with kids who can’t see any problems or ill consequences with this other than disgust by a few bloggers who are probably just jealous or too sensitive or don’t understand this is all just staged as if that makes a difference.


Funnily enough, one side reason my dd wants a dance career rather than an acting career, other than her extreme love of dance, is because she wants to avoid fame. She is appalled by the paparazzi intrusion on actors’ lives. She can’t believe that someone can make a naked statue of Selena Gomez without her permission or follow some of these poor actresses around everywhere.


She understands that the life of a dancer is precarious, jobs are difficult to get, it is not a money maker and if you become successful, only a few people will even know your name. Acting isn’t much better but if you succeed at acting, or what passes for acting these days - being crazy on "reality" shows, although you will be paid a lot more, your privacy and sanity may be more difficult to maintain.

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