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Television: "Dancemoms" on Lifetime

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One of the nice things about this show is how much younger dancers seem to love the ALDC dancers. The show was smart to portray them as sweet, hardworking, talented dancers which allows the younger audience the pleasure of being true fans. On the other hand, you know how adults love reality tv and catty women are one of our favorite dirty pleasures. I think LIfetime has it down to a science at making sure we all keep watching. I do think it encourages some real dance moms and studio owners to act like this in real life. Not sure how they think this is a good thing just because they see it on tv.

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Watching this show makes me think a lot about the role of mothers in supporting dancers. Our DD's study at a a small, non-competition studio with excellent ballet training and the opportunity to study jazz and modern and composition and tap as the students mature. Our studio is not perfect and teachers can get intense, especially as performances approach. Watching Dance Moms makes me thankful that mothers are allowed to watch class exactly once per year. At least in our particular context, nothing positive would be achieved by mothers regularly watching all classes and rehearsals, and being encouraged to give input on casting and costumes and other artistic issues (though some do try, it does not seem to get anyone very far). My own view is that mothers do have a very important role to play in encouraging our dancers day in and day out, learning as much as we can to try to find them the best opportunities, and giving them a soft place to land after inevitable disappointments (not to mention all of the driving and paying). I love to watch our DD's dance and would be tempted to watch as much as my work schedule would allow if it were permitted, but Dance Moms makes me thankful that mothers at our studio are not allowed to watch daily class and rehearsals.

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I can kind of understand Jill's frustration with Kendall sitting there running music (who likes sitting around waiting?) but at the same time, Paige was in the same situation just weeks earlier, running music while Maddie, Chloe and Kendall rehearsed their trio. Kendall should have taken the opportunity to learn the choreography - what better way to prove herself to Abby Lee if one of the other girls were unable to perform? I was an understudy for Russian once (the dance was all guys, except for me the understudy) and I was relegated to running the tape deck (before the days of iPods). I was able to pick up the choreography just by watching and when one of the guys did get injured the day before performance, I was able to fill in.


It was nice to see Chloe be able to grow emotionally on stage. Her turns seem more secure as well, maybe a deeper plie?

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So as of Feb 25 b1 saw the Dance Mom's at breakfast together. But on last nights show, Kendall's mom pulled her from the studio to go to Candy Apples. So there is clearly some manipulation going on here between the studios for the sake of the TV drama.

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So there is clearly some manipulation going on here between the studios for the sake of the TV drama.


Ya think? :):whistling:

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Abby Lee and Kathy were on the new Rosie show. You could tell they wanted to say more about it being staged than they could. That said, I loved Rosie calling her out on the parents screaming in front of their kids! (you can probably find repeats of this on OWN)

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How weird was Cathy's confusion at Jill's question whether she could walk on the studio floor? "It's OK, we clean our floors here" (I'm paraphrasing). Then I saw they have wood floors. Yikes!

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I heard that Abby and Cathy are are good friends, so I am betting that so much of this show is staged. I would LOVE to see the outtakes and bloopers of them cracking up and being all chummy with each other when they are supposed to be all mad and fuming at each other. This show is getting a bit ridicoulous and is far from "reality" because it is so staged. Unfortunately I am hooked on it :helpsmilie: . LOL

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I found this interesting... http://www.dancestudiolife.com/2012/02/dance-masters-of-america-dumps-abby-lee-of-dance-moms/


I can tell you it is totally staged. Kendall danced beautifully with ALDC this past weekend. The moms were all friendly toward each other and there was no drama whatsoever.


It's kind of sad. They could be portraying these kids and moms (and even AL) in such a better light. Their combined actions and yelling gives dance a bad name.

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The show is like the aftermath of a car accident-- you know you shouldn't look/watch, but you just can't help yourself...and once you're looking/watching, you can't tear your eyes away :lol:

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I am very disappointed in myself when it comes to this show. Even though I know/have a strong feeling that this show is staged, I can't stop watching. As Graicey'sMom so eloquently said

The show is like the aftermath of a car accident-- you know you shouldn't look/watch, but you just can't help yourself...and once you're looking/watching, you can't tear your eyes away :lol:

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I must be in the minority, but I've never heard Abby say anything offensive to the children. I like her.


My daughter's at Joffrey and she said that when they were filming in the studio next to them, all she heard was the same short piece of music play over and over again with screaming inbetween. She also said Abby was super nice to all the Joffrey students.

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Not a car wreck (one generally feels sympathy for car wreck victims) more like passing someone who got pulled over on the road for speeding etc. !


But I had to share my 10 year old's observation, she said that she thinks that Abby Lee is nicer to the girls this season, and that the moms are the nightmare not Abby Lee. And what is with all that makeup!!! I think that is one of the things that bothers me the most. :green:

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I agree with your 10 year old buzzandmoo. I watched the latest episode and thought I saw a slightly softer side of Abby as well.


I also thought it was interesting that Nia and her mother were leaving the last competition saying they had had enough. It sounded like they were quitting, then in the preview for next week everyone was waiting for the unveiling of the pyramid, including Nia and her mom.


My husband gives me a hard time for watching this show, but as stated above, I have a hard time looking away! It's my one guilty pleasure in a pretty serious world! :wacko:

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I took Holly's comment about 'having had enough' to mean 'for this day'. She and Nia had had an emotional day. (Although, I have to say, it bewildered me why it should be such a big deal for Kendall 'to be competing against a teammate', former or present----after all Chloe and Maddie do that quite often. That's just the nature of the beast when one enters solo competitions.) I did not take it as she was taking her marbles and going home for good.

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