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I was puzzled that Abby Lee seemed so focused on how tasteful her costume was that she didn't get that it was the theme of the dance itself that was inappropriate for 10 year olds. You could see the judges being so uncomfortable watching it because it was so suggestive. Is she really clueless or is it all in the name of creating conflict to make good TV?

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And shame on the parents for allowing her to go on with it.

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What can be said other than Oh MY! LOL What is scary is the more I watch this show the more I sympathize with Abby Lee! I kinda get what she is trying to do, just it comes down to a question of taste and venue. I remember my aunt explaining the origins of the Fan Dance to me after seeing a piece that was in some movie musical from the 40's (we loved old movies). The point that the dance was all about imagination of the viewer was great, BUT is it appropriate for 10 year olds? I think NOT! And again I see the parents being the ones lacking parenting skills, oh and judgement.

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I think the judges ignoring it during the awards rounds speaks volumes. :clapping: Wow, the lengths that people will go to be on a reality television show. Yeesh! Ok so we have "Showgirls" this episode. How many episodes are left? I shudder to think what's next!

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This was the episode where I hit my limit. I told my daughters I actually felt like I was doing something wrong by watching it.


Could not conceive why Holly would not let Nia play a "bully" two episodes ago, but playing naked in the imaginings of the audience was just fine.

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I have long decided that before these folks agreed to do this show that the producers let them know it was going to be about all the crazy things you hear about Dance Moms and Competition dance and they would simply act them out. The last few shows seem to prove that theory for me. As an example, the competition on the gym floor. That was Marching Auxilaries competition. It is one for high school Dance teams and dancers who perform with marching bands and the schools who offer dance classes in the school for those groups. It's been in existence forever. It's always been held in a gym wherever it goes and there are never private studios in attendance unless they are from a cheer/dance type gym that has all-star groups. There also do not generally have children there. Some states do but most do not. (I've judged this one before in my high school dance team coach days)


Then you add the whole "being nude" thing this week. The judges were laughing, Abby was caught chuckling. Same with the whole Candy Apples thing especially after showing Cathy's house with the 1960's bunny rabbit wallpaper border. Now really, would the Cathy they show on TV in all her jewelry, fancy clothing and demeanor live in a house with 1960's wallpaper? That is not a reflection of anyone's house. Come look at mine with it's 15 year old carpet. But then, I don't walk around in designer clothes and jewelry either. :)


Would Christi as outspoken as she appears to be not have turned around upon seeing the meat suit and said "we're not doing this!". The Christi they've portrayed on that show would not have allowed Chloe to do that. More and more the staging on this show comes through. That doesn't mean there isn't some truth shown. But more and more, I'm believing it isn't all the ALDC truth.

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Season 2 just got started in Canada last night - two episodes. Can't say I was rivited - I fell asleep! :shhh:


Thanks to you guys I guess I already know a lot of what's going to happen though. Maybe falling asleep isn't such a bad thing...

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Re falling alseep-It's not a bad thing. i find that I am not as diligent in watching this show because I feel like I know what's going to happen (typical reality show stuff). DD is still into it, but I watch it on-demand with her.

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It was my understanding that in the 'original' fan dances (Sally Rand?), there was never any nudity---the fans were always strategically held in place to suggest, but never bare, the dancer's 'private' zones. So, Abby Lee failed to accomplish what she set out to do because she often choreographed the dancers' bodies uncovered with the fans held out and away.


Now, have to say, I've never seen the burlesque original dance, so perhaps I've misunderstood the actual use of the fan and perhaps there were topless moments, etc.


Either way, very inappropriate choreography for 10-year olds (and Little Mackenzie). A 'fan' dance could have been choreograph tastefully. But that's not what the producers are after, obviously.

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Hmmm. I'm going to go out on a huge limb here...did anyone on ballet talk actually see them perform this live? Judging by the way it was shot, I'd question whether they performed it in front of an actual audience. The editing was wonky. The shots were wonky. Just saying... :yes::devil::angelnot:


(Used to work in the film business...not much to do with "reality" tv...though...they do shoot "the bachelor" down the street : ) :giveup: {And yes, productions would so do something like that :shhh: }

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I'm in Canada too...so just watched the first two episodes. My DD and I are addicted. My husband has to leave the room. My DD started at a comp studio. Parents were not allowed to watch classes but there was still plenty of drama!

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My husband watched about 30 seconds of the fan dance and said "This makes me want to throw up." I think that sums it up.

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There is a perfect example of how much editing is done on this show--there is a video on Youtube of Maddie doing her solo at the Texas high school "gymnasium competition". It is the full video and her "fall" was not that bad at all. It actually didn't even look like she messed up at all--she continued with her routine without missing a beat and didn't look upset or like she was hurt at all.

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