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Television: "Dancemoms" on Lifetime

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2dancing...my DD was in a competition school and competed for 7 years.Our studio required ballet to compete in any genre. She did ballet SI's for 2 of those years at ages 11 and 12 as well as National's. The cost of both made it impossible to continue both. She liked ballet at the studio but didn't want to attend more SI's.

And a comment about Chloe and Paige's ballet capabilities...through the years many people including myself tried to get DD to leave her small studio and go to the local ballet studio because of her potential. But, she loved competing, the conventions, famous teachers, traveling, the sisterhood of her team.

She could have been a ballet dancer, she just didn't want to.

Where did she end up after high school? Joffrey NYC as a Jazz & Contemporary trainee...

Where is she now? In her second week as a paid (YES, her first dance job!) cruise ship dancer...

So even though Paige and Chloe and Maddie have ballet potential, it may not be "their" dream :)

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Abby said that 20,000 dancers audition every year for the Joffrey SI. Can that possibly be right? I thought 2,000 might be closer to the mark? Just wondering.


Oh my word. . . what hyperbole! (Look it up Abby Lee)

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This episode with the Joffrey 'talent scout' at a competition, implying a dancer must be invited to audition for their summer programs simply illustrates how much this show is embellished & dramatized for television. I believe most SI auditions are open to anyone without an invitation! As a previous poster stated, the young dancer program is basically open enrollment for any dancer who auditions. While I do believe the Joffrey school offers excellent training, it's fair to state their program for 9-13 year-olds is not highly selective.

It's so misleading to suggest Abby Lee's little dancers are accepted to the Joffrey School's program (which is alleged to be highly selective by virtue of the inflated number of applicants) because of their amazing training by none other than Abby Lee Miller herself. :green:

I need to find a 12-step program to quit this show.

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Abby said that 20,000 dancers audition every year for the Joffrey SI. Can that possibly be right? I thought 2,000 might be closer to the mark? Just wondering.


Oh my word. . . what hyperbole! (Look it up Abby Lee)


And did people notice that the moms were complaining about the "26 to 28 hours on a bus from Pittsburgh to Michigan."?! Looked it up...it's about 300 miles to the competition west of Detroit, 6-7 hours is more like it. I think the concept of numbers is not a strength of the adults in the show. :wallbash:


I am not a dance teacher, just a mom. I have enjoyed watching each of the dancers get stronger and better over the course of the 2 seasons (although the "dark" [Abby's descriptors...frequently] choreography doesn't always grab me.)

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I took the 26 hours to be a joke from their recent trip to Miami. Bad editing I think.


I need to find a 12-step program to quit this show.


I have a feeling we'll all need some sort of walk away moment, the show Bunheads that starts this summer has as it's promo blurb: "Michelle, a Las Vegas showgirl, impulsively marries a man and moves to his sleepy coastal town and takes an uneasy role at her new mother-in-law’s dance school." While it's a drama and not a reality show, sounds like it will be more about the life of the teacher moving back home than about ballet at all.

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This episode hasn't aired in Canada yet, but if I were trapped on a bus ride with the cast of the show a 300 mile drive might very well seem like 28 hours...

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The Joffrey Ballet (of Chicago) posted the following disclaimer on its Facebook page yesterday:


"You are already a fan of THE Joffrey Ballet. So it goes without saying that we were in no way involved Tuesday night’s episode Dance Moms. Sorry Abby Lee!"

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While it's a drama and not a reality show, sounds like it will be more about the life of the teacher moving back home than about ballet at all.


While I cannot comment on the story line of "Bunheads" , the show does have real ballet students as extras for the class scenes - all were cast from the Marat Daukayev school and other ballet studios in Los Angeles. The directors are visiting the studio again this week to audition more students for the show now that the series has been picked up. Here is a (very) quick look:


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Just thought I'd add that the 'talent scout' is the Asst. Director of Joffrey Ballet School's Performing Company. Here's the link: JBS Performing Company faculty . I thought this was strange since most of them are not of that age certainly. I was a little surprised, but I do see how this was definitely staged. It would stand to reason that they would send someone out there if they were asked, or even in general to competitions to scout for talent. As everyone said, open auditions are just that. And there's no reason to believe he didn't go into every dressing room door inhabited by a dance school and invite them all. :cool2: I do think Abby Lee needs a number check. There is no way 20,000 students audition for their programs. I have heard the statistic thrown around that ABT auditions about 4,000 per year for all their venues and so I just have a hard time believing anyone can generate much more than that for a summer program audition!

I bet the cliff hanger next week will surely have to be whether or not the girls get accepted into something at Joffrey. Now we'll have a whole summer to talk about it!!! :jawdrop:

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I have to say I watch this (why I don't know... must be that same part of me that watched General Hospital for years) and I just about fell out of my chair when they said "it's the most prestigious program and 20,000 dancers audition.. I don't mean to sound catty.. but I will... I know of no one in our studio who did not get into any one of the Joffrey programs (not true of other programs for these same kids). I think they are vying for a "scholarship" and my guess is Maddie will get it and then they can continue the drama going forward... that's psuedo reality TV for you. I just want to see what happens to these kids when they hit puberty (ie. Mom doesn't know "anything drama).. when the hormones start to fly that will be much more volatile then Abby... stay tuned? Not sure.

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Wow....that was very interesting!

I didn't know that Joffrey even held special auditions for summer scholarships. Maybe they do. Maybe they worded it that way to make it sound special. What wasn't so special to me was the fact that all of Cathy's students were in the audition as well. So of course it was an open audition. I do find it interesting that they didn't draw attention to that fact at all. It was also pretty funny to hear them all be pretty clueless about the leotard etc. And admit that they don't have a lot of ballet training. It really felt to me that they were really out of their element and for the first time not really acting!

I must admit I am happy for Chloe. I do think she has potential and it's good to see them recognize her. I also couldn't believe Abby's whole reaction to everything. And they never even told Abby, at least they never showed Abby getting the news about Chloe getting the scholarship. I would think she would have been happy about that. Not sure about the motivation for the presentation on the show, but I guess we'll have to wait until next season to find that out. Perhaps partly why Abby was upset was because Maddie didn't get the scholarship. Great to ponder, but probably pretty useless. I have to gather my thoughts and wait for others to chime in. Other than that, I think I'm pretty speechless......

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Talk about living your life thru your child. Or should I really say that since Abby has no children of her own, she is in this imaginary world and thinking that Maddie is her child. Please tell me this is just fiction and made for TV. Could there really be a Abby Lee personality out there. I am shocked beyond words about what took place on this show tonight. The whole Joffrey thing is just mocking the ballet world. My dd has been to Joffrey summer intensive auditions and in no way was it conducted the way it showed on this show. I hope that Joffrey New York school sues the show for millions of dollars for portraying them as idiots. So excited that Cloe got the scholarship and if she were my child, I would get her out of the Abbey Lee Studio and into a good classical ballet school. She has so much potential to be a great dancer and ballet is where her focus should be. As for Maddie, she was a spoiled brat and I blame Abbey for the way she acted. Such a shame that Cloe's success in winning her solo and getting a scholarship to Joffrey summer intensive got crushed like a big bug. Can't believe that this show is still on TV. I watched tonight because of the talk about the Joffrey audition and I had to see which dancer if any would catch Joffrey's attention. Glad it was Cloe. She is so beautiful to watch. Can't imagine how far this show will go. It sure is making dance studios look bad.

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I'm happy for Chloe. Maybe she'll get out of Abby Lee's studio and focus on serious ballet.


Joffrey won't sue; this was clearly a marketing opportunity for them and a special audition for the girls from the show. In this way, it wasn't really an open audition. I follow Joffrey on Facebook (by accident really; when I set it up, I thought it was Joffrey Academy in Chicago.). They are publicizing the Dance Moms-audition episode and asking their followers how they liked it.


Abby's behavior was repulsive and so was Candy Apple's (I never remember her actual name) at the audition. What an embarrassment.


I thought the Joffrey folks carried themselves with class.

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