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Television: "Dancemoms" on Lifetime

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I watched last nights episode and was soooooooo excited bc I got accepted at joffrey too!!!!!!!!

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During the "auditions" the woman sitting in the middle was the main teacher for last summer's NYC Young Dancer Program. When she said to Maddie "I kept waiting for a pause; for you to finish your movement." I turned to my DD age 15 and said "That was a really good correction!" I hope Maddie can take it to heart when the dust settles.


I do wonder if Chloe will be at the SI this summer. And if so, will the camera's be there. My younger DD is going to one of the other Joffrey programs, but we have friends going to NYC. And if I had made my committment and spent the money to fly my DD to NYC only to have a film crew there with that distraction going on, I would be livid.

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It looked to me that Abby's and Cathy's dancers were the only ones in that particular audition class. So . . . .


The hallway behaviour was appalling---and it was instigated and maintained by 'sweet' diabolical Cathy. Too bad Christy can't just block her out. And even when the Joffrey guy came out to shush the hall folks, Cathy was back-talking him.


Maddie was out-of-her element and not at her finest. Her little halo slipped a bit. It was nice to see Abby with some humanity in her for a change, but I would agree that her reaction and response to the other dancers who have forgotten their choreography on-stage was so different and heartless compared to how she responded to Maddie's. Different kids need different fine-tuned approaches sometimes, but hers was so 'buck up, soldier! quit yer sniveling!' to ALL the others that her 'it's all right. Those that don't mess up once in awhile are wound too tight to make it. There, there (hugs and pats)' to Maddie was just a bit hard for the dancers to take. ----Especially, since she couldn't be bothered to be present for Chloe's first place award or even bother to congratulate her once she was told about it.


Tenth place may be 'humiliating' for them, but it's worth a lesson: Can't be throwing choreography at young dancers with a day to learn it, heap a bunch of pressure on them, and then expect to win first place. . . . . If it's worth doing, it is worth doing right. No one said they HAD to compete that weekend. . . .

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I wanted to see it too but on youtube they are blocked and on other pages it says that it is not possible to watch from my country *sniff*. I have got a friend at Joffrey's in the school and I would have loved to see it and then asked her a couple of things!

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The Joffrey Ballet School just posted a note on Facebook to let people know about their delays in responding to emails due to the "tremendous volume of emails they are receiving regarding Summer Intensives". I am sure they are!!!

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I'm happy for Chloe, she was deserving. I just kept watching the solos thinking: wonder if this is the first time Joffrey's had acro solos for a ballet intensive? ​I loved the different expressions on the judges faces.


I watched a bit of Dance Moms Miami, and couldn't make it through. That Victor guy was on SYTYCD. Same show, different city although the mom's did escort the kids out of the room to make a spectacle.

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When the moms were at the dance store to buy leotards, there was a shot of pointe shoes on the counter and I thought surely they were not going to purchase those!?

I think Maddie did her solo for the panel in jazz shoes. And why were they doing tricks? for a ballet school??? I guess it was an 'interesting' audition for the judges.

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Well, I have to tell you I'm shocked about this. On facebook, someone asked the JBS if there were really 20,000 students that auditioned. They answered 'yes, it's true'. You can now knock me over with a feather.

I do agree - Chloe should take the scholarship and run, run, run away! And also love the comments about acro in the ballet audition! The looks on the judges faces were priceless! I want to say that I've seen that female judge before, but can't place her. I will have to find her on the site.

The behavior of the parents was atrocious! My DD was just appaled by their behavior! She thought it was unexcusable and tasteless. I wonder if that was staged.....you would almost hope it was!

I guess those auditions were 'made' for the few participants. The producers of the show must have said that in order for this to work within the shows' setting, they would have to stage it this way, especially because they don't have releases for all the other kiddos. I can imagine any dancers and their parents not affiliated with the show running away from that whole circus!

As for the link that ballet4life posted, dance media has been running that for a while. I think they did that last year as well to my recollection.

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The audition seemed like a totally made up situation for the show. Solos in an SI audition? Jazz shoes? Whatever it was Brooke was doing? Screaming arguments that disrupt the ballet class? I was a little embarrassed for the Joffrey people, quite frankly. What on earth could they have been thinking when they set up this circus at their school? Dancers who have to go out and buy ballet shoes on audition day? Ok, been there done that, but not because she didn't own any ballet shoes. It is just so contrived, and yet, it's like televised crack. I just cannot stop myself.

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oh quill, if only there was a 'like' button!!!!! :jawdrop:

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When the moms were at the dance store to buy leotards, there was a shot of pointe shoes on the counter and I thought surely they were not going to purchase those!?


Yes, I caught that too! They appeared to be buying pointe shoes without having the dancer present to be fitted! UGH. I will confess thought, the Sansha NY store was the highlight of the show for DD & myself. It was this very dance store where she was fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes, so it brought back some fun memories. It really is a nice store with a nice staff.

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Am I crazy, or was the studio they were learning their competition solos in at Joffrey NY? I have taken open class there, and it looked like it. More evidence that the whole thing was a set-up. (also, since the night before, the moms were shopping at Sansha NYC.... Also, about the publicity Joffrey is trying to get...as I said, I have taken a few open classes at Joffrey NY, and in the past few weeks I have gotten about 10 emails about registering for their SI's and scholarship auditions. I am an OLD lady who is not a ballet dancer and has no children. I have never gotten this kind of email from them before. Looks like they really wanted to up their enrollment.




ETA- did they mention being able to use Joffrey's studios for rehearsing and maybe I missed it? I just think that is unusual to be allowed to rehearse there.

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I didn't understand why Abby was berating the kids for showing up to the rehearsal in their neon pink/lime green bras and matching short shorts. Why didn't she tell them what to wear? I also can't understand how anyone in dance (no matter what dance form/style) wouldn't know how to go in a store and purchase a ballet leotard. It's not that hard-Just ask someone in the store, already! So I assumed that this was done for the show. I also saw the pointe shoe purchased and wondered "who are those for?" Sorry, proper English-to whom might those belong?


So does anyone know if this is the end of Dancemoms-Abby Lee Dance company era, since the network is moving on to Miami? Will there be more episodes of Abby Lee?

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Anyone can rent studios, especially during the day when most of the studios are not in use as they tend to be in the afternoon/evenings.


Makes me wonder if they not only rented the studios but rented the Joffrey faculty as well. I suppose they did, in a way.


The Abby Lee DanceMoms show is on a spring hiatus. It is scheduled to return in June. Yes, I am that addicted to this trainwreck that I know this information! LOL

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