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Television: "Dancemoms" on Lifetime

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Oh, come on! I woke up this morning not being able to wait to read the comments about the subtitles of Dance Moms Miami! No one has a comments about Ponche or Alisicones?????? Arrghhhh! What a horrible show.

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Dance Moms Miami.....may not be able to watch this one. It seems more staged (if that is possible) than the original. Coming from a comp. school, there is always competition between students, however the way these women are airing is almost unbelievable. Find it hard to believe that this school also can't find a competition closer to home than California?! Reality TV is becoming series TV without the expense of writers. IMHO.

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Reality TV is becoming series TV without the expense of writers. IMHO.


I have a friend whose son would like to get into TV comedy writing, etc., and is very good at it. She noted exactly that: That 'reality' TV has put a lot of writers out of work and prevents new writers from getting jobs as the 'reality' TV shows means job needs are kept low.

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IMO reality tv will eventually burn itself out (or be more closely monitored legislatively).


I know that this may sound weird but I am reading The Hunger Games and honestly it's dystopian depiction of a form of "reality" programming.

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That 'reality' TV has put a lot of writers out of work and prevents new writers from getting jobs as the 'reality' TV shows means job needs are kept low.


Actually, the writer's strike a few years ago is what did that. I'm sure the writer's actually did need to strike as that is never done without forethought, but believe what resulted in TV stations scrambling to keep content on TV is that the writer's kicked themselves out of jobs. Sometimes strikes work for the people striking and sometimes they backfire. I don't think it totally backfired, but just for new writers who have less places to find shows to actually put pen to paper for because Reality TV can be created on site with "do that again or next time do it this way".

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ballet valet

I watched Dance Moms Miami last night and actually enjoyed it more than the original, which doesn't say much obviously. The coaches are quite comical and they both genuinely and generously congratulated all of the performers after their solos. The moms are another story and I will probably just press 'mute' when they come on. The LOUD yelling matches seem normal for these women. I can't imagine actually being in a room with them, it would be so odd. I don't think I know anyone who actually yells during discussions or even arguments for that matter.

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"There are kids here 14 and 15 living by themselves, paying their own bills" ~From Joffrey Episode


What? Am I allowed to compare this to when I ask for more money to go out with friends and my mom says "I came to this country with five cents" ? Because just like how we know it was actually 14 dollars, don't we also know the kids have their parents paying for the dorms and tuition and their parents still give them an allowance for supplies and clothes because you can't study ballet seriously, go to school and still work?


While we think the kids are naive and know nothing about NYC and ballet, I'm starting to think Abby is the same... :nixweiss:

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I laughed out loud when she said that about the kids being the ones paying the bills. I bet a lot of Joffrey parents did also.

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Re: Joffrey Epsiode. So exactly how much of this show is staged? Did they tell the girls to wear their fancy booty shorts and bra tops to make for good tv? Did they really think it was no big deal for Maddie and others to try out for the Joffrey Ballet in jazz shoes? Does Abby know so little about ballet that she thought it was appropriate for the girls to do gymnastics and tricks in their solos? Why do they all wear so much makeup??? Especially Cathy's dancer?


This episode was the most staged of all, I think.

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Re: Miami. I, too, like the instructors. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but the original moms are likable. Well, most of them. I mean, they just crack me up. Yes, they go overboard and can be ruthless. But, I'd rather have lunch with Kelly, Christi and Holly any day. Even though I'm hispanic, I can relate much more to the original moms.

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Re: Miami. Here's what I don't get about the last episode. When the mom is telling her daughter to get off the sofa and practice, one of the instructors is RIGHT THERE yet he goes into the studio to bring out the other instructor. Why couldn't he have just told the mom right then and there "no way, not now" since he is the one in charge?


I'll have to admit that I do enjoy watching these moms more. They are definitely the epitome of the over-the-top dance moms stereotype. And the instructors can actually demonstrate the moves.

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Is anyone else wondering why they keep having the boy wear no shirt?



It's Miami and I agree it doesn't work with this child.


Lucas is really talented. I don't watch the show but I saw the solo the Underestimation of Denial. . . It was amazing.


But how many right leg hyper extended developpes/tilts can we put in a dance? It starts to look like a circus act or cirque de soleil. The tons of pictures on the web where Victor is pushing some kid's leg over their head into an overextended developpe are starting to creep me out.


I think that the Victor needs to work with his student on turning, and transitions.


Also, I think that artistically, you have to make sure that the kids can connect with and honestly express the themes in the songs. . . . otherwise it just doesn't convey.

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We are behind here in Canada. What is interesting is that the one in Highland Michigan with the "joffery Ballet scout' was held the same weekend as Adrenaline in Dearborn Michigan- this is where the top Detroit area dancers were that weekend. Also interesting is that when your go to the competition's website it defends its presence on dance moms.

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