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Television: "Dancemoms" on Lifetime

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Dance Moms Miami.....may not be able to watch this one. It seems more staged (if that is possible) than the original. Coming from a comp. school, there is always competition between students, however the way these women are airing is almost unbelievable. Find it hard to believe that this school also can't find a competition closer to home than California?! Reality TV is becoming series TV without the expense of writers. IMHO.


I assumed that maybe the producers didn't want Abby Lee's dancers competing at the same event as the Stars kids so that's why Stars had to go to Long Beach, CA, while ALDC went to a closer Starbound competition (I know they went to at least one, but I don't remember where it was held at). Although I have read on other boards that the two groups did compete against each other at a few competitions this year, so maybe my assumption is wrong.


The moms at the Miami studio are just ridiculously over the top. Sure, you can think your kid is the best (let's face it, many parents do), but don't be so rude to constantly say it to other kids and parents. If your kid is as awesome as you think, you don't *need* to tell people - they can all see it for themselves.


I thought the instructors were a little melodramatic in the 1st episode, and their arguing over choreography during Sammy's solo rehearsal was ridiculous, but there are some things that I like about them. They (particularly Victor) seem to praise all the dancers and not focus on any one person and they take character into consideration when ranking their "list". Well, then again, we haven't seen such poor sportsmanship behavior from the ALDC girls (although some viewers seem to think Maddie & her mom fighting over her phone as a response to Chloe getting news of her scholarship was sour grapes) so we don't know if Abby would have similarly disciplined a dancer.


I honestly can't understand how the moms can sit there at the studio, yell at each other one minute, and then act all fine the next. I don't think any of them are friends, but even to laugh and chat with each other seems to be a bit of a stretch. Of course, they've all signed on to be a part of this show, so what can we say...

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My Dd actually attended a studio where one mom in particular DID feel the need to tell the other moms (me included) in a very matter-of-fact way, that her daughter was the best at the studio. One day she sat on the floor in a pair of overalls in the hallway near one of the observation windows and told anyone in earshot, "You have no idea what it's like to be the mom of the most talented dancer here"!


I looked at her dumbfounded, wondering if she realized that she had just said that aloud. She had often made other similar comments to me personally....once telling me how jealous SHE (NOT her DD) was when my DD was given better casting because it had never happened before and how she just had to tell herself that it was a fluke and move on. DD was given better casting several times after that.


Most of the other parents acted as though they didn't hear her and then would talk about it among each other later. I, and another mother who happens to be here on this board, Tuesday, would actually challenge her and call her out on her ridiculous statements. Because of this, I was dubbed...and I do quote...."a toxic black cloud over ballet"!


This dance mom later came down with some mysterious illness that caused her to have a seizure whenever she saw me. I kid you not! Once, a third dance mom came to me and said that loony tunes dance mom needed me to apologize to her and give her a hug. I guess that would have made her seizure go away...?? Of course, I did no such thing.


What I find really hilarious about Dance Moms on Lifetime is that Tuesday and I used to laugh our butts off over some of the things that happened at our DK's studio along with the crazy moms and we thought we should pitch a show about "ballet moms" because otherwise no one would believe the crazy stuff we saw and experienced!


Behold, we could have made a fortune!

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As outreagous as some of the statements have been on Dancemoms, I'm sure I could share some quotes I have heard around my studio, they would probably give me writing credit for an episode.


A few months ago there was a youtube video called "Sh*t ballerinas say" and it was so funny. I thought it would be fun to make one "Sh*t dancemoms say"


"My daughter can understudy!"

"Spray your wispies."

"No eating in costume"

"You need to warm up"

"Is your home work finished?"

"Who got the part?"

"Let's go you're late"

"OK I'm on my way"

"Do you have your pointe shoes?"

"Let's go you're late!"

"Are your toe nails too long?"

"Don't eat that"

"You need to eat something"

"Do you have a water bottle?"

"Come on we're late"

"When is rehearsal over?"

"I'm not made of money"


Sorry-that's a bit off topic

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Regarding the 'reality' of this reality TV show, I talked to one of my friends today who goes to STARS and she said the moms actions are very contrived and exaggerated. I feel like this whole show has to be taken with a grain of salt :whistling: I feel like just some of the craziest moms signed up to make some extra money! But on the other hand, she said that the instructors weren't too exaggerated, but then again they aren't as bad as Abbey Lee :devil:

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Even on these 'fluff' threads, let's please keep with our first-hand information and opinions. Let's not start reporting what third parties say or think. It's not really fair to them.

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This past weekend our 16-y-o DD was in San Antonio on an orchestra trip and saw Victor and the dancers from the Dance Moms Miami show on the Riverwalk. At first she saw only Victor and Lucas, worked up her nerve, and said to Victor, "I dance and I am a big fan of your show. Could I please get a picture with you? " Victor gave her a big smile and called over the entire group and they all happily posed for a picture. They said how exciting is was to have fans and thanked the girls for being interested. The mother of one of the dancers asked our DD what type of dance she does, and our DD said, "I do all types of dance but a do lot of ballet at a pre-professional ballet school." The mother of one of the Miami dancers said nicely but firmly, "When you watch this show, remember that these kids learn the dances you see in a matter of hours." Our DD was careful to say that she thought the dancers on the program are talented and really likes watching them. DD said that Victor was warm and gracious, and seemed happy and relaxed with the dancers and that they all seemed to be having a lot of fun throughout the evening as they kept running into them.

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I feel like this whole show has to be taken with a grain of salt :whistling:


The super-nice moms who have nothing but praise for all of the kids and who are the parents of adorable, well-behaved children who always play nice with each other don't make for interesting TV. At the end of the day, the purpose of these shows is to make enough money to be in the black, and drama sells.

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They haven't exactly given it a shot, have they? I would watch a program like the one you described. I am sure I'm not the only one.

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I watched the new episode (#14) of Season Two last night. Had to laugh that Abby kept telling the girls that no one at the dance convention in Los Angeles knows who the Abby Lee Dance Company is. I'm pretty sure that, by now, EVERYONE at dance conventions knows who they are. Plus, they've got cameras following them all over.

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I'm pretty sure that, by now, EVERYONE at dance conventions knows who they are.


LOL! Friends and family on the competition/convention circuit have seen them at events without the cameras and there is no doubt- everyone who does this sort of dance knows who they are at this point!

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Chloe is looking great. She is improving and her pirouettes were right on. MacKenzie, I believe, is going to be a stronger dancer than Maddie. Her feet are stronger and she loves to perform and doesn't mind the pressure. I will enjoy seeing her grow into a good little dancer.


I think the producers overdid the whole no one knows who Abbie Lee is last night.


For once, I disagree with Christie. I usually find her as the voice of comedic reason on the show when it comes to taking care of the kids and what they should and should not do. But I had no problem with the kids helping each other with corrections. I use my own students to help their friends so they can train their eyes. I did not see judgement, I saw students helping each other.

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DDs tell me that watching their fellow students and offering suggestions is a common practice in their classes. I would actually think it helps dispel the competitive atmosphere and turn it into helping one another if it is done constructively, which I'm sure it would be. And helps the teacher perhaps see that all the students at least understand what proper vs. not so proper technique looks like.

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It's not the watching of fellow students that is out of character for some dance classes. It's the (paraphrasing) "Maddie gets to watch because she is always better" coming from the teacher is where the problem is.

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I think at that age, critique only breeds contempt. It was obvious that Chloe was extremely uncomfortable and hurt by the experience, and that neither Nia nor Paige really wanted to participate. In fact, when Paige said, "I like the flexed foot..." and demonstrated the move, Abby cut her off and said, "I saw that. I want to hear what she did WRONG." That's not teaching dancers to support and evaluate each other: it's teaching them to tear each other down. When Nia said Chloe didn't make eye contact, Chloe became very defensive Maddie looked extremely bored and made sure she described Chloe's routine as "sloppy in the in-between parts" in a very disinterested manner, as if to say, 'I can't BELIEVE I have to waste my time watching YOUR solo."

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