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Television: "Dancemoms" on Lifetime

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We watch it for a good laugh, and because the girl's dances are fun (my DD is older). I don't believe for a minute that this show is "reality". I know the competition world is harsh, but who in their right mind would stay at a studio where their child was treated like that, much less all of the cursing and drama that goes on with the moms? I assume the moms are paid very, very well (not to mention Abby) to make complete cakes of themselves on national TV. Seriously -it's all fake.


On one hand, I find it distressful that Joffrey associated themselves with this show, but on the other hand, I was relieved that they only chose Chloe to attend their summer SI, and I thought the looks on the judges faces during the auditions were priceless. It was particularly funny when that one woman said, "I don't do tricks." I thought it was interesting that Abby acted as if they received some sort of exclusive invitation to audition (perhaps for the cameras) when in reality, anyone can attend the auditions. As far as Abby's so called ballet technique, I suspect she is being spoon fed.

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The most recent episodes seem to have kicked the 'bad Dance Mom" stereotype behavious up to a frantic, desperate pitch. The shrill shrieking is getting to be too much for me to handle. Even little Maddie is getting to be too much. Whereas before, they were mildly amusing and the kids were kind a fun, now the shrillness is ridiculous and overshadows everything. The 'new mom' addition was just too calculated and mean-spirited. I think I may (thank heavens!) be done.

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