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Guest barrebaby

:confused: I'm taking ballet at a different studio over the summer. I'm 15 and I think I'm gonna take the beggining/intermediate adult class. At my studio I'm in the intermediate ballet class but we don't have adult classes. Would one of my studio's intermediate classes be the same as an adult beg. class? They also have a Jr./Pre teen beg./int. class. Would I be better off taking that? And I also want to be in pointe over the summer. I'm in intermediate pointe at my studio and I've been in that class for two years. At the new studio they have a beg. pointe class and an advanced pointe class. Should I take beggining? I'm so confused!

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Hello barrebaby, welcome to Ballet Alert! Online :(


Since you are 15, and therefore not yet an adult ;), I'm going to move this thread to the Young Dancers 13-16 board.


To answer your question, it can't be answered here! You must go to the new school and allow them to place you where they feel you belong in the classes. At 15 years old the choice of what to take should not be up to you, but to the director of the school. They should place you by auditioning you for level, and also for readiness for pointe work. If it is a better, or more professional, school, you may find that they want you to take some lower level classes and perhaps not be on pointe, or they could place you in an Intermediate level which also has pointe classes. If you have the training to be in a teenage program rather than adult classes, that would be best. Remember that class levels vary greatly at different schools, and it is really impossible to compare until you go there and see.

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