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Thought I was supposed to be moved up???


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So, my mom went to go sign me up for dance this year, and they still had me in level 2's except for Hip Hop. It goes up to level 4's. I thought I was supposed to be moved up at least in Ballet, but no! I've danced a year more than my friends that are in level 2's with me, and I've worked a lot harder. Last year I took 6 classes, and helped, and they only took 2! I don't want to be annoying, because the director said not to get mad if you didn't get moved up. I at least got in to a level 3 class in Hip Hop, but whatever.... is there anything I can do to get me in to that class?? Because I could always just work really really hard on the first couple weeks, and they'll move me up..... maybe... sooo??

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, ICONic.Liza. :)


Sorry that you were not moved up, however, there is no way we can know why this has happened. You will need to have a talk with your ballet teacher. You do have a right to know the reasons why they want to keep you in a level.


You said you were taking 6 classes a week. Was that 6 ballet classes? If not, how many ballet classes were you taking?

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I know that it is seriously frustrating because my best friend was meant to be en pointe two years ago and she has only moved up now, and I was meant to be en pointe last year already. :shrug: My teacher said that we were fully capable but wouldnt move us up. :( (Im still not en pointe) Anyway this just caused us to work even harder than we had before, and when my friends technique was perfect she was moved up, although I still havent acheived at that level. However, I know how you feel, especially when you take extra classes and work harder that you ever have in your life. :) However, I do believe that our teacher knew what she was doing and I just had to accept it because there was nothing else I could do except wait it out and work reall really really hard!!! Now I am eventually going en pointe in like 4 months and I am even more excited that I ever was before :):thumbsup:

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No such thing as "perfect" when it comes to ballet technique, although I have seen some professionals who do come quite close. :)

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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the proper forum to post this, so feel free to move it to the right place. I am a little nervous about a message that my ballet school left for me this week. They called to say that my ballet schedule (times of class) would change this year, to a time much earlier than last year. When I asked for more specifics, for example; if my level had changed, will the times of class be the same everyday, etc... The lady who answered the phone said she was not given any more information, than that basic message. She said that they didnt want to have 'a deluge of people' calling about level changes, if they started to 'leak' information about level changes. She said I should receive my packet of school info in a few weeks, and I'll know more later! I can only infer that my level has changed, because she told me the times would be different than last year. My worry is that I carpool to get to class everyday. It may not work out for me or my friend who I carpool with, if our times are different from each other next year. I think my parents would make it work for me, somehow, but for my friend, it really leaves her out unless we carpool together! She needs to carpool to make it work for her. I don't want to tell her that I got the call from school, in case she didn't get a call. Can you see what's happening? I feel like I have some information, but not the whole picture. It's almost like they wanted to give me the heads up, so I could arrange my schedule to make it work? I feel really guilty about this, and I don't want my friend to be sad. But, if I think about it from the schools point of view, My friend's mom might end up being one of those parents that calls about class schedules, level changes :D and bugs them. My mom thinks that we should just wait to find out more information. Is this normal for a ballet school to do? :shrug:

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Your school is handling the situation in a way they find to be best for the school and the student body. Your mother is correct, wait for more information.

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