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stretch, strengthen and warm up


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OK, so I ran a search but I didnt find anything, but maybe I was searching the wrong words?


Anyway, I need some stretches and exercises to warm up, improve my arch and to strengthen my back and neck, as well as stomach muscles and turnout muscles. If anyone could help I would be really greatful. :shrug: Also I know that there are loads of conversations on blisters, but I know that there is something that some dancers soak their feet in to toughen the skin that can affect your liver. If anyone knows what the name of this is I would really appreciate knowing because I dont really want to have a bad liver! :)

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That's methanol. (Methyl alcohol. Wood alcohol.) It is not good to use on skin, because it can titrate through and get into the bloodstream. If you need alcohol, try Ethanol. (Ethyl alcohol. Grain alcohol.) Even more benign is Isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol, oil alcohol.

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Hi balletiseverything,

I know of a few exercises that I used to strenghen my stomach muscles!


I dont know how strong you are but you should probably start slowly :)


here the exercises are:


1) 10 pushups (3 sets, 10 reps in each set)

2) 10 planks ( 2 sets of 10 reps reps each)


hope that helps! :P

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Angelina, you've been told before! Students do not give advice here. That's the job for the teacher-moderators. We hesitate to give advice on this sort of thing for precisely the reason you cite; we can't see the student, and we don't know how strong they are. Pushups may seem hard to do wrong, but it happens. On gross motor exercises, the teacher needs to observe, and correct on the spot as necessary.

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