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Modern / schedule question

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DD's school has put their schedule online and according to what is recommended to be on the 'track' program, she needs to take 3 ballet classes, 2 beginner pointe classes, 1 jazz class, and 1 modern class per week.

She says that the person who teaches modern goes way to fast for her and she doesn't want to take it. Do you think modern is necessary? Should I push her to take it? Just tell her it's not an option?

(She'll be 12 in August, btw)


The Modern class is after two hours of ballet/beg. pointe (same for the jazz class, but on a different night). I think she'll be tired by the time she gets to that class. But she needs to build her stamina, right?

Is 3 hours straight in one night too much? She's never done that much before, but maybe at this age it's appropriate?


Thanks :D

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I think that, while modern is not essential at her age, maybe she should try it at the beginning of the season and see if she is okay with it now. If not, then talk to your director and ask that she drop that class for this year.

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Thank you. I was thinking that also, but I was looking at the tuition rules and it says there are no refunds on tuition. :D

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My DD is close in age to yours. I believe, though am not positive, that this year she too will have one afternoon/evening that will be three hours. I'm a little nervous about it for her, given we leave the house shortly after 7am to get to school, go straight from school to drive to ballet and then won't be home until close to 8pm on those days. But the dancers ahead of her seem to manage it, so I will trust that she can too. As I said, though, I do not know for sure that this will be a part of her schedule.

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Many girls that age can handle that kind of schedule and thrive. My daughter turned 12 last Aug. and she danced 14 hours a week for the school year. My daughter does not enjoy her modern class either and she dropped it, but we are paying for unlimited hours so it didn't really matter. She does take jazz, tap and hip hop, so I wasn't so worried about not taking the modern.


You should see if you can pay by the class. We did that a few years ago with the modern. She keeps trying but doesn't like it.

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Although there are some opportunities to take modern and jazz and other non-ballet forms of dance in our area, my daughter (age 12) says she doesn't want to take modern because she thinks it will confuse her. That's no problem and her studio only offers ballet, but I'm wondering about how different dance genres affects ballet training?

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Jazz and Modern are definitely 2 dance forms that all dancers need to study today, in order to be employable. BUT, it is not necessary to begin these other dance forms until they have built a strong ballet foundation, so maybe around 13 or 14.

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