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I am thirteen years old and I am not really that flexible, I was hoping maybe someone had ideas on things i could do to increase my flexibility in my back and for my extension. Thanks! :)

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Daretodance97, your ballet classes are, or should be, designed to help you with the things you are asking about. The stretches you do in class just might need to be done outside of class to help a bit more. How many ballet classes a week do you have?


For the flexibility stretches that you learn, be sure that you are very warmed up when you do them outside of class. They are not intended to be done without a full barre, at least.

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Have you learned stretches in class to work on your flexibility and extension? Have you learned how to do them correctly, and when to do them? If so, then it is a matter of doing them on a very regular basis. Nothing happens quickly in ballet. It is a long, slow process. These things develop over time and with excellent training, persistance, patience, focus, and a lot of work. But you also have to be aware that during growth spurts and times of physical change, like the early teen years, sometimes things are harder for a while. Recognize this, and keep working. It will pay off in the end.

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hey daretodance97 :) if you want to become nice and supple, the best to do is each day do a little bit of streching. if you strech every day, your suppleness will slowly become greater :) try to sit in each type of splits for at lest 60 second every day and eventually youll be able to do splite with ease! just remember to do it slowly.. it will take time so dont rush or youll land up injured :) good luck!!!!


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Angelina, I need to ask you to please read our Policies and Rules for Ballet Talk for Dancers, and for the Young Dancer forum. They are in the "Sticky" threads at the top of each forum.


Young Dancers do not give advice here. I know you want to help, but that is the job of the professional teachers. The young dancers may add their own experiences following questions that have been answered by one of our five Teacher Moderators, but no advice please!


If you have not seen it yet, please go back and read your Oz thread, as you have important messages there. Then you can also edit your post here. :)

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