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Adult Ballet Summer School in Melbourne, Australia


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I'm planning to visit Melbourne in January 2012 for two weeks, would appreciate any info of any adult ballet summer school there. Thank you!

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Mmmm... I'm not sure I'm the best to answer this because I haven't been in Melbourne for a few years, but as for a few places you could start looking I would try Academy Ballet, Australian Conservetoire of Ballet, Danceworld 301, or Ministry of Dance. I'm not sure if any/all will offer adult holiday programs, but atleast it's some names to start with.


If grandeallegro is around they may have some more details as they teach in Melbourne...

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You could also try Elance Adult Ballet School and City Dance Centre (both of which I have attended before and been happy). I have also heard from others about the Melbourne School of Classical Ballet being quite good, though I've haven't been myself.


Here's some links for you...







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