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32G Bra Size; Leotard Issues

Green Kiwi

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I'm starting an intermediate Ballet class in the fall and am having a bit of trouble finding a leotard that is comfortable and supportive. I've lost a significant amount of weight in the year that I've been away from ballet, but not in the breast, making things awkward for me. I no longer feel comfortable jumping because it looks ridiculous, and the leotard just offers no support.


Would you people suggest trying to find a bra that fits under my leotard, even if it is really obvious? Are there any leotards out there built for people like me? I went into a shop and explained my problems and they gave me the deer in headlights look. (I really don't need someone to rub in I don't have a ballet body--I do this for fun!)

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Thanks! I've checked out these links and as far as I can tell there are recommendations for sports bras under the leotard.


I can't even find a sports bra in my size at the moment and am wearing something too small. There's unfortunately a bit of a difference between a 32G and a 34D and I see this really complicating ballet for me both in terms of self esteem and what I can do. I'm still going to try to find the correct size and make this work, however.

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Green Kiwi, welcome to BT4D.


I think you could try Bravissimo . I'm lucky in being small sized & standard, but friends of mine swear by the company for the hard to fit. You might also try specialist shops, such as Rigby & Peller, or a big M&S or John Lewis's. A good sporta bra, or even short midriff style sports top -- a bit more than a bra -- under your leotard would be fine in an open adult class.


Something like this: Grey marl Sports Bra maybe?

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There were several sites on the other thread that had large cup size bras. I usually buy my bras from barenecessities.com (I'm 38D so not a hard to find size). I like Glamorise sport bras. I decided to stick to them. The new ones I got do the trick under the leotard. As they start to lose shape I've found that wearing two of them under the leotard works.


Here is a link to their bras in 32 G:



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First choice is to find a sports bra in a boutique store that's the right size (don't "make do" with something that "almost fits"). Ideally, you want to be able to try things on in person with expert guidance.


Second choice is to find one on a reputable website. You're in the UK? Figleaves carries reliable brands at pretty reasonable prices, as far as these things go.


Worry about the leotard after you have the proper undergarments.

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