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Adult summer/winter schools in Sydney


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I'm not sure about summer intensive courses for adults in Sydney, but you might try the Sydney Dance Company classes, or the Adult Ballet Studio. Lois Strike at the Adult Ballet Studio is a wonderful teacher -- a combination of a really sharp eye, and caring of her students.

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Hi everyone...it's been so long since I posted on this site!


I just wanted to say, it's been a while since Lois has taught, as she has now retired. Olivia teaches at the Adult Ballet Studio now, and she is very good and it's worth trying her classes.


There are rumours going round of a Sydney's first adult intensive course coming up! I don't know anything much about it except that it will be for a week in September. I'm sure it will be advertised if it's definitely going ahead.

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Well Id make the trip to Syd if that was on. Definitely. If you hear any more please let us know.


I do know that RobynC was talking with Heidi at Sunking Dance of the possibility of bringing Adult Dance Camps to Australia some time in the future.

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I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.


I've never been to a dance camp (and am not sure if my poor body would survive) but I'd love to try!

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I just wanted to say, it's been a while since Lois has taught, as she has now retired. Olivia teaches at the Adult Ballet Studio now, and she is very good and it's worth trying her classes.

Thanks, Toadette! It's about 5 years since I was at that studio, so I'm obviously out of date ... but lovely classes and a lovely studio space, as I recall. I hope that hasn't changed.


The teaching at the SDC is great (very different from the Adult Ballet Studio) -- you could put together a DIY intensive week or two from their programme, I'd think.

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Hi all, I have an update! I've just been informed the intensive will be September 26th - 30th, at the McDonald College in North Strathfield. The website is www.sydneyballetintensive.com.au. It won't be up until this weekend though.

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Here are the details from the Sydney Ballet Intensive's flyer (sorry, no graphics). The level of support for this will give an indication of whether at some later stage, a Sunking Adult Dance Camp might be viable.



5 ½ hours per day of instruction!

3 Levels to choose from:

Absolute Beginner to Intermediate

(No previous ballet experience necessary)


5 days from September 26th to 30th 2011

The McDonald College

17 George Street

North Strathfield


Faculty includes:

the fabulous Tibor Horvath and

the magical Andrea Briody



Website: www.sydneyballetintensive.com.au

Email: sydneyballetintensive@gmail.com



Jemima 0401937759 / Claire 0419009575


Course Fees:

Full Course $550 / $499 (early bird paid by 26th August)

Half Day Course $300 / $269 (early bird paid by 26th August)

Day Price $130 / $120 (early bird paid by 26th August)


In partnership with La Bataola

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BTW, the email address is working, but the website isn't currently, as Toadette said.

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Im so upset. I have university holidays for the 2 weeks before that, but will be back on placement that week.

Hopefully they might run one in December or January :wink:

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I'm disappointed too! It is during the school holidays for NSW, but I'm in the ACT and it will still be school term here :wink: I'll see if I can get time off work, but I can't count on it...

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Re the Sydney Ballet Intensive - I'm one of four Sydney adult ballet dancers who are setting up and running SBI. With one exception, we're not professional dancers, so we're doing it around our jobs/families and other commitments. It's been great fun so far, and we're so excited!


If you need any more info, you can raise us at sydneyballetintensive@gmail.com, or via sydneyballetintensive.com, which is still somewhat under construction.


We're using the McDonald College's studios during the NSW school holidays, and are starting out small - we've confirmed Tibor Horvath and Andrea Briody for the full week, which is great, and Nick Peak and Jess Cove to be confirmed but looking likely.


3 levels, with full, half and single day options. We're running pointe, technique and mens classes. We're also aiming to keep the classes small, so the sooner you enrol, the more likely you will be to get a spot!


The four of us do classes all over Sydney - Sydney Dance Company, Urban Dance, Tanya Pearson's for Tibor's open classes - so if you want to chat in person, just let us know by email or via facebook (Sydney Adult Ballet Dancers Network).

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All signed up and ready to go. :D


Whooo 2 ballet camps in as many months... look out!

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