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Ballets: The Bright Stream

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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, feel free to move if necessary. I just saw ABT (Gillian, Paloma, Marcelo, Cory) perform The Bright Stream in L.A. and it was wonderful! I had never heard of it and was curious so I grabbed my mother and off we went (dd is at SI). What a delightful afternoon! This ballet is relatively "new" in ballet terms, having been created in Russia in the 1930's (1932, I think). It is a comedic ballet, however it is based in classical techniques/styles, and there was plenty of it. The music is by Shostakovich, Choreography by Ratmansky. On iTunes, in music it is under Shostakovich and called the Limpid Stream, I don't know why. There are also a few excerpts on YouTube.


In any case, I just wanted to share that it is definitely worth going to see should it pass through your area. Watching Paloma Herrera and Gillian Murphy dance side-by-side in unison was just thrilling!

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I have read several reviews that have been quite positive about this piece. Glad to hear you liked it!

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My dd and I saw this when it was performed at the Kennedy Center and loved it. It's a comedy that really works. It had the audience laughing uproariously!

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I actually saw this in Lincoln Center with ABT. I did like the "modern" feel of it. And it's quite funny!

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I saw this with the Bolshoi on Ballet in Cinema. It's extremely entertaining and definitely worth seeing!

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