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First pointe class

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DD and 10 other girls has their first pointe class last night and they were all so excited!

They did a few things at the barre, some floor work holding onto each other and just a few releves without the barre.

At the end, the teacher asked 'who's feet hurt?' and they all raised their hands :yucky:

I heard several say that they couldn't feel their toes. I hope that gets better !

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I'm surprised that they worked away from the barre in their first class. It was some time before dd's teacher allowed any work in the middle at all. Of course, dd's teacher is notoriously conservative, so I don't know what the norm is.

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Congrats to dd! How exciting for her!


My dd's studio does not have the new pointe students work away from the barre for at least a month. I'm sure evey studio is different though.

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