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2 classes a week enough?


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Once Fall semester starts (the classes I take are associated w/ a college), I'll be able to take beginning ballet 2X a week. I can take pilates once a week. Is that OK? Will I make enough progress at that rate? Thanks!

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Generally, it's thought by expert teachers that you need 3 classes a week to progress. That is, one every second day, with the weekend (or equivalent) as rest days. But 2 classes a week at Beginner level would give you a start towards developing the muscle memory.


Edited to add: I suppose, also, it depends what you mean by "progress"? If it's a structured proramme, then you'll undoubtedly develop a better memory for the basic steps and combinations, and start to build on those into more complex enchainements. But pointe work wouldn't be possible, for example.

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They only offer 2 beginning classes a week. Maybe if/when I progress a bit I can take an intermediate one too. I also have to find time to do my 2 jobs, ride my horse, and take care of my farm, LOL, so there's a limit. ;)

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I do two classes a week, but in addition, I do an hour at home every morning (floor barre, basic barre at the barre, basic centre barre, stretching) and I find it helps a lot towards my progress in the teacher led classes.

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It also depends on how long the classes are. Most adult classes seem to be 1 hour, which is barely enough time to warm-up. You'll be much more successful with 90 or 120 minute classes.


Regardless, you will see progress with two classes a week as a beginner. Depending on the studio, you may be able to join an intermediate class after about 6 months or so. My instructor allowed me to join the intermediate class because I really wanted to dance more, but there was only one beginner class. It was hard at first, but totally worth it.

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When I started, I had no idea that you could take more than one class a week. I learned a lot (for me! a total beginner) with one 60-minute class for 15 months, but I did learn faster after that when I moved to 2 classes. Now, after nearly 8 years, I try to take only one day off and get 90-minute classes - it's all good, as an adult you have to fit it within the context of the rest of your life! BTW I think it's worth trying to have one class at east that is a real stretch, and another one where you can refine technique on simple exercises. Those lower level classes get a lot harder when you understand what you are really trying to do! I think it's a form of "ignorance is bliss".

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I agree it depends what you mean by progress, and what are your goals?


If you are just there for enjoyment, even 1 class a week is enough if it makes you happy. For fitness and a little bit of technique, I think 2 classes is adaquate for a beginner. If you are wanting to dance because you love it, it's a bit of exercise and a bit of a challenge 2 classes would be enough. If though you are wanting to do things like exams or extra levels etc, you may need to look at more, but I do not think it is a big deal.


I think do however many classes a week you want to!

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Well, I'm almost 49 years old so I can't see myself doing testing, etc. ;) It's just for fun, b/c I've always loved ballet and am sorry I gave it up as a kid. So we'll see what I have time for as we go along. :thumbsup:

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The school I go to has 2 locations... you can go to either one, or both... and they each have like the adult intro class once a week, adult beginner class (with a year+ experience) once a week at both locations. If you miss a class, they suggest catching it at the other location. Well I decided to go to the intro at both locations, and soon requested if I could be in the year+ experience class as well because I wanted more per week. It worked out well.

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I took 2 classes a week as a child, and only reached an advanced beginner level. As an adult, I took classes once a week, very sporadically (we moved a lot.) When I was 48-49, I started to take weekly classes at my daughter's studio. Since I increased to 2X/week in the last year, I feel I have made more improvement and am starting to dance vs. just struggle with the steps. For me, the ideal is to take one class with people about the same level where the teacher explains things more, and another with more skillful dancers so I can watch/visual what the combinations are supposed to look like (and to get inspired!) :)

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