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Are there pre-pro schools that have classes in the daytime? My daughter is still young, but as I think about the years ahead, when she will be spending every evening and much of every weekend in ballet class, I am concerned that she will rarely see her father, who will not arrive home from work each day until after she has left the house (because we homeschool, I will still get to see her each day). I'm curious if there are options for her to have ballet class during the daytime and do her academics at home in the evenings. I know that we will make many sacrifices along the way, but having limited family time is a hard one for me to swallow. Sometime over the next couple of years my husband will be ready to move on from his job, so we're willing to consider relocating, if the right opportunities for both of them are available.

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While there are some schools that also have daytime classes, they are generally not considered to be a substitute for the pre-pro level of classes in the evening. Sometimes they are "open" classes, and some even at a high level, but they are not the same as the classes she would have with her own level in the evening. Since most students go to regular school, if there are morning classes they have to be supplemented by students of varying levels, including adults, usually. There are a few schools which have both morning and evening classes geared for the pre-pro level, but they are expected to take both classes and whatever other classes that meet in the afterschool hours. And rehearsals.


One of the few exceptions I know of is Houston Ballet, which has morning classes for it's Level 8 and HBII students. However, one must first achieve this level in order to qualify for that program. There may be a few other programs that do this, but I think they would also be just for the very advanced and on track dancers, usually about 16 and up.

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It is rare. I offer my pre-pro program in the early afternoon so that my students are finished by 3:30pm everyday BUT by coincidence all of my pre-pro students are home schooled or have graduated from high school already so it is filling a need. I do not know where you are located but for instance asside from my program I only know of 1 other daytime program in my entire, very large, metro area. Hopefully someone here will have a suggestion for you. :(

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The highest two levels at our pre-pro begin classes at around 2pm and end by around 6 or 7 Monday through Friday. Rehearsals for Nut and Spring show are on the weekends, but it's not every weekend. Some students get early release from school, some are home schooled and a few are a year beyond high school.

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It is very rare to have day classes for ballet. In our area, if there are enough homeschoolers, than a studio might offer a day class, but it is usually a basic beginning class. In order to get into the day classes, you usually are looking at ages 14 and up with trainee prograams that integrate public or virtual schooling.


I understand how you feel. We homeschool as well and during the week, my DH doesn't get to see my daughter until after 9pm each night and never during the day. Since DD has class on Saturdays, the family usually only gets together after 6-7pm. Sundays are the only day we have free. It is difficult, but we try to make the most of the times we do have together as a family. If there is a subject for school that I need DH to go over with DD, it usually takes place on Sundays.

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I know of some Pre-Professional schools which have release time programs for high school students in the highest levels of the school. These programs often start at or just after lunch time and end in the late afternoon to early evening hours. There are some pre-pro schools which have classes in the afternoon and early evening hours, but end early enough that the dancer's families can still have dinner together most nights. There are other pre-professional schools which have classes that go until 10:00 in the evening on school nights. It really just depends upon the school itself, and you'd have to call the schools you are interested in for your child, and inquire about their particular schedules.


My dd attends a charter high school, and she only has classes two half days per week. So, it's kind of a homeschool/high school hybrid. One of the ways we've decided to find family time together around dd's ballet schedule, which gets us home after dinner time on weeknights and some weekend nights too, is to have family breakfasts together several mornings a week. Who says the family meal together has to be dinner? :P

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It is quite a difficult schedule. My dd is attending a release time program next year, but she still has evening classes. For example, on one day she'll have technique, rehearsal or school time in the morning, and then classes again from 3:30-6. On her busiest day, she dances from 11:30am to 8pm with a few 30 min breaks. I'm not sure how that's going to work yet. But my point is even the intense pre-pro programs that have classes during the day still have expectations during the evening.


I think pre-pro ballet training, or even intense training of any kind, takes a lot of sacrifice on families. We've been pretty good about family dinners just about every night until this past year. This upcoming year will be almost impossible. But her older sister will be busy and dual enrolling. It's just that season of life for our family. We still make time to do things on the weekends and take family vacations once or twice a year, even if they are inexpensive and close to home. We also homeschool (not because of dance, but it does help) so we spend a lot of spend together anyway.

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Perhaps dad can become her driver, at least on the way home? Those rides home can be bonding ones between a parent and child, and could provide one way for dad to stay involved. Other ways I see dads being involved in their dancer's lives are: Parents Associations, volunteering, chaperoning for 1 performance, and of course, attending their children's dance performances.


If a father wants to stay involved and it is a priority for him, he will find a way. :angry2:


This is kind of a typical schedule for an advanced pre-pro:

Morning Classes Include

Ballet Class

Pointe Class




Body Conditioning

Pre-Professional class-4 days a week/Company class-1 day a week


Evening/Saturday Classes Include







Senior Performance Ensemble

Variations/Pas de Deux

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Pre-Professional class-4 days a week/Company class-1 day a week



Sorry to be obtuse, but what does the above quote mean? Do you mean that in in a Pre-Pro Program regular classes are held 4 days a week and then a class is taken with a company once a week? Or is a "Pre-Professional class" a distinct kind of class (in which case - what kind?).

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Thanks for your input! I've already thought about having family breakfasts instead of dinner and having my husband be her driver as much as possible, so I'm sure we will try to incorporate those things. She won't be away from home every night for a few years. We're going to try to appreciate our family time in the evenings now, while we have it.

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Yes, it means that once per week, pre-pros may take class with the professional company which is a class taught by either the Ballet Mistress, Ballet Master, Senior teacher, or the professional company Artistic Director. The other 4 days per week they are having their own personal class of just pre-pros (perhaps attended by a company member if he or she so desires) taught by a Senior faculty teacher, Ballet Mistress, Ballet Master, or AD.



Yes, it is true that as a child ages the time they spend in parental company diminishes- at least for a time! Do cherish and enjoy it while you can!!!!!!!

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