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Ballet Schools in California - near Hayward


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I just came back from Hong Kong few days ago. Since I had free time, so I went to a ballet school with my friend.

Now, I realized I fell in love with ballet!!

And I am back to the States now, I would like to continue.

Does anyone have any recommendations on Ballet School in the Bay Area?

Since I lived in Hayward, it would be great if its somewhere near there.

I have a part-time job and need to go to school.

So, I am planning on to have 2-3 lessons per week.


Thanks in advance everyone!

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Here's a thread to get you started. Some of the information is now out of date, so it's best to call the schools you are interested in to find out their current information. Good luck!:)




Do you have any recommendations that's closer to Hayward (i.e. Fremont, San Jose, Alameda, etc.)

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To avoid confusion I have closed the other thread you started about this topic.






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Not sure I can post here but there is a good school in San Mateo, if that would be closer. http://www.peninsulaballet.org/


The location is much closer. Thanks!

Do you have more information on this school?

Have you tried this school before?

I did look at Yelp, there were only 15 reviews, most of them are complains of the receptionist.

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I have merged the 2 topics so we can stay organized :)


BlleFille may have some further information on that school for you, and hopefully others can chime in!

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"The location is much closer. Thanks!

Do you have more information on this school?

Have you tried this school before?

I did look at Yelp, there were only 15 reviews, most of them are complains of the receptionist"


I take many adult classes here (like 9 to 10 hours a week) and the teachers are great! I have improved SOOOO much! They also have a pointe class which I attend.

I really recommend them. I take the beginner and intermediate adult classes. The also have company classes which are drop in.


Their company is of a very good standard too. I saw their Nutcracker which was lovely and also Peter Pan, which was really sweet. They have many excellent dancers, especially the females.


I am not sure why people complain about the receptionist but I DO know that she had illness and a death in the family so maybe people are not aware of this or are too selfish to ask if she is ok.


I think that they are a very good school. A friend of mine has a daughter there who is 13 and in the pre pro programme and started on pointe recently and this friend would NOT send her kids to a less than good school. Are you looking for adult or I think you said pre pro classes so you are young right?


Bruce Steivel is their artistic director and he is a great teacher too:) He was with Houston ballet as a dancer and then with Las Vegas /Nevada ballet as a director 'till recently.

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TszMan Tiffany - Two of the schools on the list provided in post #45 are in San Jose - Ballet San Jose, and Dance Theater International. Good luck!

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I am looking for ballet schools, I live in Hayward as a result many schools in San Francisco is too far for me.

Someone actually recommended me to go to Peninsula Ballet Theatre School.

However, I saw the description that ballet classes are based on Russian Vaganova training system.

Does anyone have an idea where else have a Ballet school that;s base on RAD? (Royal Academy of Dancing)

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Berkeley has Berkeley City Ballet, and try the friday classes at The Beat in Berkeley, with Vincent Cowart

.  Vincent is phenomenal with teaching old school floor bar.   

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