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exercises to strenghten your whole body?

angelina ballerina

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I need some quick exercises that will help fast! Im hoping to find somthing that will be able to help gain more strength quickly! Im the type of person who loses interest if I dont see results quickly. :shrug: Any help? :rolleyes:

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Angelina, I think you might have chosen the wrong thing to study if you have to have quick results! :shrug: It's not going to happen in ballet, and the body is not going to gain strength or flexibility, or anything else one needs for ballet, overnight. Or even over weeks. Months, maybe, for some progress, years for major progress. It is not an art form for people with no patience!


How old are you? 13? Strength comes with growth and continued classes. You can add Pilates work, if you have somewhere that you can learn those exercises, but even with that you cannot expect very quick results. How many ballet classes do you have every week? The more classes, the more progress. Have we looked at your schedule yet? If not, tell us about that.

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Ms. Leigh is right, strength and flexibility happens over time. Eventually, if you put the time and effort in, you will improve- you might never be the best in your class, but you will improve! Try to make sure you do all of the little things that will make you a good dancer! Eat right, stretch before and after class, work on the corrections that are given to everybody in class (not just yours), show up to class on time, etc... There is a girl at my studio, she's extremely thin. She is so proud about how skinny she is! ( I can tell because she's always looking in the mirror at herself, never eating meals with us, not drinking water during breaks, etc...) The teacher said to her, " it doesn't matter how thin you are, you can't become a dancer without the strength! You need to be able to hold your body up, your head, your arms and legs!". I have never forgotten that. From then on, I realized that I can only get stronger by eating healthy and doing all the little things, to make me great. It will take time, but if you want something badly enough, you will do what it takes. This is what will help me to become the best I can be!

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Angelina, are you reading the responses??? You are only 13, and you have 5 classes a week, and that, along with growth, is how you are going to get stronger. Please read my post again, and then the one after it by figliadanze!

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