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I have been working really hard over the past year, Iv'e been totally dedicated! :thumbsup: I never missed practice and always did my best to constantly improve and become the best dancer or most improved dancer in my class. :innocent: I have been moved up into a more advanced class, but other people are also moving up without even being dedicated. :thumbsup: I am worried that if so many people are moved up then I might be back to an average dancer which is my worst nightmare! :( any tips as to how to stay at the top? :unsure:

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1. Stay concerned only with your own work, not that of anyone else.


2. Stop being concerned about being the best dancer in your class and keep your focus on being the best dancer YOU can be. If others are not dedicated and don't work hard, that is not your problem. A work ethic pays off, as long as you work intelligently and very focused.

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