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this might sound stupid. but... Pas De Bourree under and over problems


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I'm having issues with the Pas De Bourree exercise in my Grade 4 B.A.T.D syllabus.


The music is quite quick and I've only done the exercise twice in class so don't need to panic yet, lol. But, I feel really stupid because I can't seem to get the knack for the Pas De Bourree under and overs.


Here is the exercise:

Commence feet 5th position, right foot front facing en face, arms bras bas.

Intro: Degage 2nd position with fondu on supporting leg, for preparation.

1. Pas de bourree devant (right foot) arms in demi-bras.

2. Pas de bourree derriere arms in demi-bras.

3. Pas de bourree under arms in demi-bras.

4. Soubresaut

5. Pas de bourree derriere (left foot) arms in demi-bras.

6. Pas de bourree devant arms in demi-bras.

7. Pas de bourree over arms in demi-bras.

8. Changement then repeat again with opposite foot arms in demi-bras.


When I go to do the pas de bourree under, do I need to be doing the same preparation for the devant and derriere?


If I'm doing a pas de bourree under, with my right foot in front, do I use my left foot and go behind, side (with right foot), front so that then the left foot is infront?




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it's ok i found out where i was going wrong.

adding an extra changement instead of just 1.

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