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Spiral bobby pins


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I'm still kinda learning to put my hair in a bun... because basically until now it was always to short to put in a bun. So when I was at the BalletMet open house, and noticed they were doing this bun demonstration thingy, I watched. Prior to that, I was using a youtube video. But the mother of one of the girls they were demo-ing this on had these spiral bobby pins that I had never seen, and they looked like they would work REALLY well... so I went out and bought them in the various sizes. I have a pic below to show what they look like.


I just got them at Target, they are Goody brand. The really large one came 1 in a pack for about $6.30. The long thin spiral ones came 2 in a pack for the same price; and the shorter thin spirals came 3 in a pack, also for the same price.


They come in brown (shown here) and dark gold-ish.


I haven't tried them out yet, but the woman who showed them to me said they replace like 20 normal bobby pins. You kind of twist these in like a screw.


Sorry if everybody already knew about these, I did a search on the forums, I had never seen them and thought they were pretty cool so I thought I'd shared the info :wink:


Pic: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9146179/pins.JPG

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My mother bought me the long thin ones recently, curious if they'd actually work. They do hold my hair in place but nowhere near firmly enough for class. I have quite thick, long hair though (midway down my back). I read that more spiral pins might help with longer hair, but I'm unsure how I'd put more in without them colliding in the middle of the bun. :S I'd be curious to hear whether they work better for anyone else.

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I have tried these a little now... to start my bun, I actually put in 1 normal bobby pin first, then put in 2 of the short ones. My hair is thick, but only goes about a fourth of the way down my back. They CAN kinda collide in the middle of the bun, but because of the spiral, they kinda weave through each other... so you could probably use as many as 3 or 4.


It holds my hair GREAT. But I won't know for sure if it will survive a full class until the classes start back up at the end of August.

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I have extremly slippery and thin hair and I use those spiral bobby pins. I hate hairnets but I absolutely needed them until I found the spiral bobby pins. I put into my bun two of them and about 6 other bobby pins and I do not need any hair net anymore. For french twists I use 4 of them and some normal bobby pins and usually the twist survives a class.


Usually I put them parallel on each side in my bun and fix them with another couple of bobby pins (so none is going through the middle). This works best for me.

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They also work for me, too. I can use two of them, kind of crossing them over one another, and it'll hold my hair up all class! I have slippery hair also, it's mid-back length. I was actually surprised how well that it worked!

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I just bought a set of these and love them. :) They work well with my long, thick hair. I can practically take a whole class without a hairnet in them. :)

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