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Pas de bourrée


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I have noticed that when some people do a pas de bourre in flats, they kick the leg that moves second up to the back as they step forward.....is this the correct way of doing it? I kind of just do the four steps straight forward without the "kick up". Confused...

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I'm afraid that your description has me totally confused, BlleTille. Can you break it down a bit more than that? Is it an over or under pas de bourrée? Is it on pointe? Is it using the cou de pied front or retiré position or neither of these?

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I'm sorry, Ms Leigh...I guess I mean a bourree on flats from a tombe...we do a tombe, pas de bouree, changing feet. Not en pointe.

Some people in my class, kick their leg up to the back going from the tombe into the pas be bourree, whereas I more or less just step...

Sorry if I am not making sense:(

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It's the tombé that you are talking about then, not the pas de bourrée. A tombé can be in any direction, into any position. Sometimes it is done to a low arabesque position. But that should be determined by the teacher. In any case, the foot of the leg that is off the floor when you tombé should be pointed, and the leg should either be stretched into an open position (like a dégagé or low arabesque), or in a cou de pied back position.

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