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Two or three classes?


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I've been reading past threads about the suggested number of classes, and I have a lingering question. The consensus seems to be taking two or three classes per week. My dd is 9, going on 10, this fall. Her studio requires two 1.5 hour technique classes per week, but I think she could take a third class if it would be beneficial. At this age, would the extra class increase her skills over the course of a year, or would two classes a week be sufficient? She is one of the top students in her age group, so the goal would be to give her the extra challenges she needs to excel. So my question is ...is that third class going to make a big enough difference to be worth adding it to our family's schedule?

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I love when my questions are answered before I even ask them (as I casually browse the forums)! We'll be adding the extra class! :)

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In that case, the answer would be "it's a wash". It's not technique, so add if the student really wants it, but it could be just as easily disregarded.

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