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August Angst


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I'm gonna be stranded in Dallas! On my way to Richmond I have a few days stopover at Dallas to visit a friend of mine, but I just received word she has to travel to Nevada that week to visit her sick grandfather. I'm trying to see if I can change my fares and go straight on to Richmond with the rest of the Aussies but I bought a cheap deal on priceline and now that airfare I would need to change is over twice the price..... What to do?

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Pointe question/frustration - my left foot is stronger than my right, I can balance in sous sous, do the regular barre exercises I've been taught to do, even passe the right standing on the left, however, when I try to do the passe balance passing the left while on the right, well not so much. My teachers have suggested exercises to do for strength (including using a stability ball), I'm wondering if others have a foot that is better, well more secure than the other. When I balance in sous sous I'm secure regardless of which foot is in front. Thoughts would be welcome. I do find that taking the barre of 4 classes ( intro, 2 beginner & transitional) in pointe shoes is helping to strengthen me (teacher suggested this and I'm careful to do what they tell me to do - I do most of the barre in these classes facing the mirror at a barre so I can see what I am doing - also is helping me with making sure I'm square/aligned) . Something else I'm working on is being able to use one hand on the barre and do the classes en pointe, which is what I've been told to start doing. Any advice, suggestions, tips.....

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You could use a theraband to strengthen. Although a teacher said trying to build up in one leg and ignoring the other never works. I definitely have a strong side which is my right foot. I am right handed and also I have broken a sesimoid bone in the left, and had a bad sprain on the left, and also I think that leg was the one that I had a bad cramp in the calf last year that kept me immobile for a few days, but I don't remember which leg it was as I've completely regained the strength. I sprained the right ankle several months ago and for a while the left side was better but now the right side is again my better side!

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Over $500 to change my airfare.... going to be stranded in Dallas alone for 2 days.... help!

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I say go to Dallas, find a cheap place to stay or ask if you can stay a your friend's place while she is gone. Then find a place to take class or check out the city- bound to be cheaper than changing your flight plans. There's tons of places offering adult classes there on Google. If you find a hostel through hostelling international, rates can be really low. Another option could be renting a car and driving to where the camp is, taking in roadside attractions on the way.

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OOOhhhhh Appleblossom, that does not sound nice at all!


Sharon B - yes, I have one foot that is quite a lot more stable than they other. I chose the word stable as opposed to stronger as I think that that more accurately describes the true situation. My right foot is quite a lot more arched than the left and I think that this is at least in part the issue when on pointe.

I am working on strength but in both feet and know that the right one will never be the same as the left and to me, that is okay provided that I get to a point where I feel safe and stable on both.

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No dancing for two weeks, doctor's orders.. :pinch: Same problem as before (ankle impingement)

Luckily I do have good guidance from my PT

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Well, my angst is that I just don't feel like dancing (ballet). I had planned to go to class today but I think I'm going to the gym instead. These days it just seems like too much trouble to put on the leotard and tights and dedicate 2+ hours to it (including getting there and back). Is it the heat? I already had 2 weeks off of ballet, took a class on Tuesday.

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I feel like I've lost so much strength and stability over the summer break. Even holding my pelvis in the proper position took a lot of effort during class, and my leg has gone back to feeling like it's going to fly off during grande battement en arrière

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Four days of nearly round-the-clock activity between work and ballet culminated in a nasty bug I can't shake. Haven't been to class for a week now and am still sick. Very cranky.

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I slipped last night in the middle of a combination and landed very hard (very ungracefully :blushing: ) and have a badly sprained wrist which is throbbing today :thumbsup:

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