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advice please on "comfortable" tights


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We LOVE prima-softs. They are extra-stretchy (one size fits all) and the waist doesn't have elastic!

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I always buy Gaynor-Minden tights for my dd. They have a "knit" waist as opposed to the elastic kind, and dd loves them so much, we don't even consider other brands anymore. They also last a really long time, and dd dances 6 days per week.


Edited to add: as other posters have mentioned, do buy the ladies size! I buy ladies small for my dd, who is 4'7" tall. I have always found that tights run a lot smaller than the sizing on the packages state, so I always buy up a size.

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I posted before, but like the recent posters, I just wanted to emphasize purchasing the adult/ladies sizes and not child sizes, particular as DKs approach the ages of 8, 9, 10. DD is 11 and for the last two years, I frantically tried every brand of "child" tights. Nothing would fit! DD would get these tights, stand on the feet and stretch them or I would hold one end and she would hold the other and we would walk away from each other pulling as much as we could! Still could not get them to stretch so DD would feel comfortable moving in them. So then it finally dawned on me that maybe DD should try the adult smalls. DD is just under 4'9" and only weighs xx pounds, so I'm thinking that she would be swimming in adult smalls, but they actually fit better than any child tights.



THANK YOU!!!! Seriously, it never would have occurred to me to put my 9 year old, peanut in adult tights. She is still very comfortable in size 8 kid's clothes. But she had been complaining about how hard it was to put on her tights. Now I haven't dressed this child since she was 18 months old, I certainly wasn't going to start now! I too thought adult tights would be huge, but they worked great!!!

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Just a funny side story... a friend of mine had her 6-year-old flat out quit ballet because she hates tights (this was the ONLY reason given.) She has joined the Hip Hop/Jazz studio a couple doors down from the ballet studio because she doesn't have to wear tights! :o)

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Haha. I'm glad I didn't give in and let DD quit.


After reading this thread, I ordered Prima-Soft for DD and she loves them. She won't wear any other kind now. They seem to be really durable too!

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(Deleted: Thought this was Over 13 thread).

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