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Rules and Policies --- Registration

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We've had a spat of unusual registrations recently and, as most people lurk before registering, I thought I'd clarify some of our policies.


WE REQUIRE YOU TO REGISTER WITH YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS. Hotmail, bigfoot, yahoo, all other free email service email addresses WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


We have had people registering with someone else's name as a hotmail address, or making up a name that has turned out to belong to someone else, or taking out an email address to register but never check that mailbox. We need an accurate address where we can trace you if, for legal reasons, we are required to do so. We also need to be able to get in touch with you if there is a problem with a post.


By "real email address," we mean the address that is part of your connection to the internet: aol, mindspring, msn, earthlink, etc. If you are using the internet, you are connecting to it, and the email address associated with that account is the one that we need. If you are posting on a computer that belongs to another family member, you can get what is called an "alias" from the ISP (internet service provider) so that you can have your own email address.


Your email address is hidden from public view. No one except the site Administrators can see it. We do not sell or give away email addresses, or any personal information about posters and will not do so unless there is a situation (which has not yet arisen) where we are required to do so by law.



User Names


When you register, you will be asked to choose a user name. This name will appear on every post you make. For adults, you may use your real name or a screen names. For teens, it's best to use a screen name.


After you have registered, you will not be able to change your User Name, so please choose carefully.


We do not allow people to register with someone else's name -- including that of a dancer or other celebrity. "Mishafan" is okay. "Misha" or (a real example) "Barry Shneekoff" is not. Nor is "Clive Barnes" or "Oprah" or "Madonna." Using a pseudonym is fine, trying to make us think you're someone you're not is not.


And now, once you register, please post!!! It's discouraging that we get two to four new people every day, and many slip away into the night without ever introducing themselves or joining in a discussion.

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If someone else shares the same computer as you do and is already a registered member of Ballet Talk for Dancers and now you want to become a member (or visa versa) there are a few things you need to know before you begin.


*You must have separate email addresses. If you do not have a separate email address from the other person who is sharing this same computer and is already a member here, you will not be able to register yourself. Most Internet providers (IP's) offer options for several separate email addresses. It is also possible to set up an email address via Yahoo, for example.


*When sharing the same computer, each member must log in and log off of Ballet Talk for Dancers (make a note of your password so you won't forget it!) so that the family member or friend who is sharing the computer will be able to register or log on when they want to.


*How to "log out and in": Look in the upper left hand corner and you'll see just to the right of your user name..the option to Log Out.


And finally, sometimes one has to "clear the cookies" on one's computer before it is possible for the computer to "understand" that there is more than one person actually using the computer... It can tend to think it's helping you by "remembering" you when you really don't want it to. Clearing cookies is sort of like removing the trail of bread crumbs that your computer uses to find its way back to where it has been before. Each Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, or Safari...and even, I believe, AOL has a slightly different way of "clearing cookies" so you will have to use your own Help function to figure out how to do this if you need to - you may not need to at all. :shrug:

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Victoria Leigh

If you are trying to register, or are registered but can't post, then you have not given us a valid email address. I am receiving a large number of emails which bounce back to Ballet Talk because the person registering or posting has not provided the site with a working email address. If you want to be a member of this site, then we have to be able to contact you. Register with a valid, working email, or you will not be accepted. Members whose email addresses have changed MUST change that address in their registration profile or the notification emails bounce back and then we know that your address is no longer valid. When this happens I block your posting privileges.


IF YOUR POSTING PRIVILEGES ARE BLOCKED please fix your email address and then NOTIFY me or Mr. Johnson. If your have CHANGED your email address then you must RESPOND to the email that the software sends you.


If you have a problem changing your email please send the new address to me, via the Contact Us link. I will change it for you.


If you register with an address that is accepted, and then try to change it to a yahoo, gmail, or hotmail, it will still not be accepted. Free email servers are not valid on Ballet Talk for Dancers. You must have an address with your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.

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Victoria Leigh

If you register for Ballet Talk for Dancers, an email will be sent to the address you give to register. When you do not respond to that email, you are not registered on the Ballet Talk for Dancers. If you use an invalid email address you will NOT be registered on the board. If you use an address that has the kind of spam control that requires someone to click on a link to clear the email, you WILL NOT be registered on the board. If you use a fake email or a hotmail address, you will NOT be registered on the board.

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