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Hi! I was wondering how to strengthen your arch. Not your ankles but your arch. I have tried the towel exercise, but I could not get in a way wear I felt a difference or my muscles working! Thanks! I have so much questions, but I promise I will help other people, not just make them help me :rolleyes:

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Hahaha!!! You've already figured out how our site works!!!! Good for you! Smart girl.


Now, provided your ankles are fully articulating, then the next thing to think about is your instep. Are your insteps strong? The arch runs along the bottom of the foot and is controlled by the top of the foot- the instep. I suspect you could use your insteps a bit more feeling them pushing forward in order to stregthen your feet overall.


Using your feet correctly in tendus, pas de chevals, rond de jambes etc. will help you more than any one specific exercise :rolleyes:


Check out this video:

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