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Center split help


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Hello all :rolleyes: ,


I'm trying to work on my center split. I was just wondering if any one could offer more stretching ideas or tips. I just began my ballet classes this past year and can do both left and right splits. I'm also finding that I can not roll through my center split either. Is this because I can't get a straight center split on the floor?


Currently what I am doing to stretch are a sort of frog position on the floor, a gravity stretch using the wall, and just laying flat between my legs while in straddle position.


I'm not sure if this is posted in the correct place, please excuse my newbie-ness haha


But, Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks all! :innocent:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, StickerSasha. :rolleyes: You are in the right place if you are an adult student. If you are 13-16 you should be in the Young Dancer 13-16 forum, but since you are a beginner, if you are over 16, then this is the right forum for you.


Splits ARE a stretch. That is what they are for. There are no exercises to do splits, because they are what you do to improve flexibility for your ballet exercises. The wall gravity stretch is also very good. The center split is more difficult because it is more about rotation that the front splits. As in everything in ballet, they take a long time if you are not naturally very rotated and flexible. Beginning dancers, especially adults, are not expected to have that much use of their rotation yet. Time, patience and a lot of work! But be very sure that you are always sufficiently warmed up before working on flexibility exercises like splits! And don't worry about "rolling through". Not really very important.

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I believe it is when you lay down on the floor on your back, and scoot your bottom up to a wall. Extend your legs up so that the backs of your legs are touching the wall entirely, then turn your legs out from the hips to 1st position, and then open the legs as far as you can breathing into the stretch letting gravity work on your inner thigh muscles.

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Thanks for the replys :shrug: and my teacher just always has us attempt to roll through the splits but I wont worry since it's not very important.

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