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I was watching So You Think You Can Dance and Rasta Thomas's Bad Boys of Dance performed a piece. I thought it was entertaining (was the female dancer Adrienne Canterna?) so I decided to look up the company on Wikipedia and found the entry for Rasta Thomas.


It says that he was a principal dancer at ABT in 1998. But he was born in 1981 - is that possible, principal at age 17?! The Wikipedia article must be wrong - right? For some reason I associate him with ABT Studio company (or ABT II?) but I could just be making this up (I don't recall why I think he was part of the studio company).


Any credible sources/references to fact-check? I've seen a couple of articles online, but they all say he was a principal at ABT in 1998.


(This is not by any means an attack of some sort on Rasta Thomas - it's just that articles on Wikipedia sometimes have incorrect info and it's incumbent on us, the educated masses, to correct it, right? :) )

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Rasta was with ABT as a Guest Principal Dancer in the mid 2000's. Just goes to show you how unreliable Wikipedia can be at times. Rasta and I know each other since about 1996, so I can assure you he was not with ABT in 98.

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Yes the female dancer was Adrienne.

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I would have liked it a lot better without the female. The guys alone were much stronger than the parts with the female. The ending of that piece fizzled a bit for me. It was strong until that last section.

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Didn't know he performed on that show! I will have to look it up. I remember him being in some dance magazines in the late 90's and early 2000's - my teenage crush when everyone else was into JTT :jawdrop: .

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, BeBallet!!!


You can't blame us for preferring to slobber at- uh, I mean "watch" Rasta dance rather than his lovely wife, right???? :grinning::thumbsup:


She is a fine dancer in her own right, who just happens to be married to a gorgeous dance-hunk, who happens to be ah-mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky she!

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