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Auditions: Season Timing


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As the parent of a dancer who is just completed high school and ready to audition this upcoming year, when does the season begin? Also, is it a good idea to visit the company ahead of time and ask to take a class?

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tinkrbellfaerie, I have moved your question to the Career General Discussion Forum where you will find many related topics. Generally, the audition season will be around March, give or take a month or two as that is when the company contracts are returned and the directors get a sense of what openings they will or won't have. But that's for the U.S. The European audition season is more like January and February and I don't recall where the Canadian season falls.


I'm sure there will be members with more specific, recent, and first-hand information who can give a better answer to you. In the meantime, sounds like it is time for you to pull up a chair, a cup (or two) of coffee or tea, and puruse this 'Career General Discussion' Forum from top to bottom to get a good working knowledge of what's in store for you and your DD as she sets out on the company audition trail. Merde.

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Yes, generally February, March and sometimes April for US companies. With the last of the audition schedules generally posted in January. Some earlier. Scheduling company class is always better if you can arrange it. But for some places that is not possible unless they have a packet and have pre-screened you. I agree with dancemaven, get out the coffee and crossiants and check out the titles in the Career General Discussion thread. There is a good amount of information there.

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Some European companies will require that you register in advance for an audition - with deadlines as early as mid-November. Once those auditions are "full" then your online application will be returned. (You can still try and contact someone for a company-class audition - it may or may not be granted.)


We also know of a few European companies that have auditions as early as December.

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