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Sickling trouble


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Hello everyone!


I appear to be having some problems with sickling my foot when I go up into retire according to my teacher. However, she doesn't tell me what sickling is, all she does is place my foot into the correct position and tells me to feel the difference. Sadly I can't :shrug: but my problem is how can I fix something when I don't know what the wrong or right placement for my foot is. Would any one be able to help by possibly explaining what sickling is and if there is a way to consciously combat it?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


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If you Google Image search "Sickled foot" or "Sickled feet", tons of images will pop up. Essentially it's when you allow your heel to drop back.


I think before you are able to combat it in one position, you will need to learn what a correctly pointed foot is, and what it feels like. I suspect you are not yet using your muscles correctly in the basics which might then allow you to feel when the muscles are not being used in other positions.


This is something that is difficult to explain on the internet.

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