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How many days per week?


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I apologize in advance if this is too vague....

I just found out that DD, who is in a pre-pro school, will have class 4 days a week in the fall. Admittedly I don't know the number of hours-yet. Last year they had classes 5 days a week ( she averaged about 17 hours a week.). She is 15 and we are both concerned that this will not be enough. There are a few of the top/older students leaving for residencies at other pre-pro schools,which puts my DD at the top level of the school. I also wonder about this too...I welcome any thoughts or comments. I have already emailed the school asking for the total number of hours and when I have an exact schedule I will see what the thoughts are on it... :shrug:

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Why have they cut back the schedule? She should have at least 5 days a week. What are her options if she does not want to stay with that program?

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I don't know why Ms.Leigh...I am hoping to have some answers early next week. Her only other option would be to take extra classes at Steps,etc. Which she can and usually does in addition to her regular schedule anyway. She has auditioned for JKO school and even after being there for 5 summers,they say no. lol.....She was really concerned to get the email saying that her level would be 4 days this year. And so am I! :unsure: When I find out more info, I will let you know. But as it stands at 15 as a serious pre-pro student she should have at least 5 days,correct?

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Yes, at least. Six would be better.

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No, I keep my box full because I hate PM's. You may email me directly by writing to Contact Us. :unsure:

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