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Hi, I'm new to this site so not sure if i'm posting in the right place.


I have been doing pointe work for about 2 years, I have recently changed schools and my new teacher promised me I would start pointe with her 4 months ago, after asking repeatedly she gave me several different excuses about starting. So i asked for a private lesson to do pointe work and I finally got one last week and she told me my technique is all wrong, yet after taking exams like two weeks ago the examiner told wrote on my report I have a lovely strong technique.


I feel like i'm being 'fobbed' off for lack of a better word. Does anyone have any advice for me??





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Hi Lisa, and welcome!


Has your new teacher seen your scores for pointwork? What things has she said about your technique that are counter to the examiner?

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I actually took my exams with my new teacher a couple of weeks ago, but not en pointe, the examiners exact words were " a lovely strong technique, an absolute pleasure to watch."


But the thing is it wasn't just my pointe work technique that she pulled apart it was flat/ demi pointe work as well, things like positioning, placement how I step on and off the ball of my foot and pointe, yet the examiner loved my transitions from demi to flat etc.


What I don't understand is that none of my other ballet teachers have had a problem with it, and it's only since I have questioned why I can't join the pointe work class, suddenly all of these problems have appeared.

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Well, I can't answer for your teacher, so all I'd be doing at this point is speculating. Is it possible for you to have a private meeting with her where you could ask he exactly why there is reticence?

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That would be good. :thumbsup:

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I spoke to my teacher about the pointe work situation and I said to her that I have been working on the corrections she gave me but I can't see whether I have implemented her corrections accurately without being in a class. She said she will think about putting me into the pointe class.

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Good! Keep us posted!

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Yay, you!!!!

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