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Ballet Talk for Dancers

What can schools do to attract and encourage young dancers?


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My 12 yr old son was just told he's been doing a step the female rather than the male way. Is there some way of making sure that female teachers are cognizant of these things?


I don't know if there's a way to know for sure, other than to be in a program with a male syllabus/examinations (e.g., RAD), a male teacher (even if only a once-a-month guest teacher), or a strong history of turning out boys who, as older teens, are accepted to big-name SI's or year-round programs.


If you think he's not receiving adequate male training at the studio, then you may want to consider sending him to an SI this summer-- one known for having a strong boys program.

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I think there are actually two concerns... one is attracting boys to ballet / dance and the other is keeping them. Several aspects are within the control of the studio and several are not. They don't need to be "spoon-fed", but do need to be treated differently than the girls. Boys who dance can't be "faint of heart" or excessively sensitive, but there are times that they need to be supported through peer-pressure difficulties, physical challenges, and confidence crises.

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