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toe caps in oz

angelina ballerina

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Hi everyone!

I am moving to australia soon, and my teacher told me that we probably won't be allowed to wear toe caps in our pointe shoes!

I was wondering if we are alowed toe caps? (even though it does sound like a very silly question.)

if anyone knows< please let me know!


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Please define "toe caps". Do you mean things like Ouch Pouches or other padding devices?

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Im not sure what an ouch pouch is but when I say toe cap, I mean the materials that go over your toes when you dance en pinte. (They are mostly made of neoprene or silicone)

They just go inside the shoe to provide more comfort!

Hope that helps! :wacko:

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OK! We've received posts from Australia over the years which indicate that those kinds of appliances are known there. What I don't know is what the trend is on their use. So, posters with a firsthand experience of the use of padding appliances in Australia, fill us in!

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I'm from Australia and have definitely seen and heard of ouch pouches although I've never used them myself. I think it depends on the school, back when I first started pointe we weren't allowed ouch pouches, only lambs wool or nothing. At the same time I had a friend at another school who weren't allowed anything. I don't know whether it's something that has changed over time or I now just have more exposure to different schools and students, but nowadays I have not heard of anywhere NOT allowing them, just about every student I see has them in fact. So I think you'll most likely be fine. What part of Australia are you moving to and have you chosen a school?

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Thanks so much! I have not yet decided on a school. we are going to be staying in sydney in the Killarney heights/ forestville /frenchs forest area.

Where do you stay / dance?

Thank so much! :)

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Angelina, names of places are proper nouns. They need to be capitalized, as does the first word of a sentence. I have asked you before to please read your posts and correct them. I have to wonder if you are reading all of the Moderators responses to your posts because this is not the only thing you have ignored. I have to also wonder if you are really 13. :(

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Hi, I am from Australia and I've been dancing en pointe for about 4 years. We have always used 'ouch pouches' toe caps, although we don't have to if we don't want to. Also, it's up to us to decide whether we want to use the fabric ones or the silicon ones. :jawdrop: I have been to a fair few ballet workshops as well, and all the girls I met use ouch pouches, however some said that their teachers don't like the silicon ones. :firedevil:

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