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Sansha Men's Tights


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I have a couple of pairs, I like the leggings, but the dye in them doesn't last long with washing etc, however as MJ says I HATE cotton lyrca tights, and these are really cottony (if you know what I mean!) not a huge amount of stretch in them...


I have the footed ones and footed ones with elastics in black and white, and only worn them once! You'd be better with something out of Meryl, or Millskin that is stretchy, breathable and retains colour...



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I love Sansha nylon/spandex tights. They fit me right, soft and cool to wear. I didn't try Sansha cotton tights yet but I heard some good reviews about them, so I will buy a pair soon. :)

I don't hate cotton tights at all. They keep my legs warm and at least they're not baggy like polyester tights. :wallbash:

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Try the bodywrapper M90.

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I've been interested in it for a while. It's in my wish list. But the problem is I don't live in US, so the shipping cost might be too high for me to afford.

I think I should learn to accept what I had.

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I had one pair and did not like them much. They are very cottony and quite see-through on my knees when plie so I was only wondering whats happening on my rear-end when bending :D They also feel quite heavy on.

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I bought two pair of gray Sansha nylon matte tights. The fabric was great, but the sizing was way off. They were so tight they were sheer. I cannot wear them to class, but keep them for home exercise.


I have my tights specially ordered through a vendor on ETSY. I think I have made three or four orders for a half dozen tights and they are terrific quality. You give her your measurements and select the fabric. Here is her link if interested.



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I have a pair of the black cotton/lycra footed ones with elastic straps ("Scott" on the NY Store website, I think). First pair of cotton-based tights I've had since I was a kid, and I'm sort of meh about them.



  • Fit is surprisingly nice.
  • I rather like that the straps are sewn in so I can't freaking lose one of them like I did with the straps from my other pair of black tights (not the fault of the tights: I'm an idiot like that).
  • Warm*



  • Cotton absorbs sweat instead of wicking it, so after a hard class they can feel quite soggy.
  • As dancingjon mentioned, the dye isn't all that colorfast.**
  • Warm*

*This is a "pro" when the studio is cold; a "con" when it's hot. Sometimes it changes from "pro" to "con" halfway through barre.

**I wash mine with mild detergent in cold water only and air-dry them, but they're already starting to look a little rusty. On the other hand, I have rather corrosive sweat, so your mileage may vary in that regard.


Lastly, while all dancewear sizing is essentially dark magic, Sansha's sizing seems to be its own special brand of dark magic. I bought a shirt a while back in a Size 6 because I was baffled by the options; it a little big, so I ordered my tights in a 5. The fit is good, but I still feel like it was a bit of a gamble.


For reference, to offer some idea of fit (I hope this doesn't violate policy, and apologies if it does): I'm 5'8"/~173cm and 149 pounds/~68 kg, 27 - 28"/~70-71cm waist (depending on whether we're just back from a break :happy:), with the kind of legs that make dance people say, "Oh, you must do ballet," and my men's technique teacher say, "That was nice, but do it again, and HIGHER THIS TIME."


I was legitimately worried my legs would be a problem, because the guys on Sansha's website are always so slim, but they seem fine.


Final verdict: I will probably order another pair of tights from Sansha, but I'll probably go for the nylon/spandex option, which I meant to order in the first place.


Quick Edit: I also agree with the assessment that they can feel rather heavy on, especially compared to BW M90s and similar tights.

Further Quick Edit: Maybe they're the "Olivier" model rather than "Scott." Drat. I'll have to find my order invoice...

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I  am also not a fan of cotton tights. They are very hot. I would prefer nylon tights. I  personally woutld try their nylon tights as well. 

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I have a pair of footed.  They are a true Men's Tights because the fiber is heavy and opeg.  They are well made and tight.  I found mine to be extra long and very tight.  I like to feel my muscles move but these were so tight it felt like I was fighting against them to move.  Also, something with the length.  I pulled them up to the usual place but there was still a lot to go in the legs.  It left fabric folds in the feet.   Don't remember if there was a Gusset.  I would wear them again for practice in a cold studio.

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