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When I went with my husband and dd to see the latest Harry Potter, I noticed an advertisement for the Bolshoi Ballet Series. They already had shown Giselle and Don Q, but Coppelia is showing on August 28, Swan Lake September 18, and a live showing from Moscow of Esmeralda on October 9. These are all on the big screen ("Ultra Screen" for Marcus Theatres).


Unfortunately, it's only showing in five theatres, one in Illinois, one in Ohio, and three in Wisconsin. It's sponsored by the Milwaukee Ballet. You can find the theatre and show time information on the Marcus Theatres website under the promotions tab.

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Thanks for posting that, gimpy!!

Helpful for us corn-fed Mid-Western folk! :jawdrop:

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Guest ballet valet

The spring series is underway for the Ballet in Cinema series. Our studio went as a group for David Hallberg's debut performance of Sleeping Beauty. It was so fun and the performance and backstage close-ups were amazing!




March 11, Bolshoi Le Corsaire

March 22, Royal Ballet Romeo & Juliet

April 29, Bolshoi The Bright Stream

May 16, Royal Ballet La Fille Mal Gard'ee

June 24, Bolshoi Raymonda


To find a theater near you go to: http://www.emergingcinemas.com/

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We're getting it March 20 and April 15 at two different theaters in the middle of Ohio.

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April 15 2pm at Gateway

March 20 6:30pm at Crosswoods


Sigh....do I miss ballet on Tuesday to make the 20th? It's tax season for me so is the 15th a possibility? Keep your fingers crossed, I shouldn't have to work the 15th (deadline's the 17th this year for you US people).

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oops, I lied, we are going on the 20th of this month! I prefer seeing the Bolshoi rather than RB, so I will be going this month. Hope you can come!

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I just got back from watching a live simulcast performance of La Sylphide by the Bolshoi Ballet at our local cinema!


It was brilliant! We could never afford seats that got us so close to the performance. What's more, we got to see backstage before and during intermission. There was also some very nice history given of the piece and an interview with the dancer playing "Madge" during intermission.


I just received notice of this on my email account yesterday so we didn't have time to tell anyone about this. But we hope to make this into a field trip with dd's dance school for the next ballet - Swan Lake performed by the Royal Ballet!


Here's the link: http://www.emergingp...res.com/ballet/


Edited to change the title: the films are NOT live simulcasts. They have the feel of a live simulcast, but looking at the time, that can't be right.

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We went on Sunday too. Love the backstage shots and interviews. For those that missed it, it's showing again tonight in theaters at 7 pm.

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