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I believe the time varies depending on time zone. I think that is 7pm Eastern Time. Tonight's performance is also a live simulcast.


There are several more upcoming performances beside Swan Lake. There will be performances of "L'Altra Meta de Cielo," "The Pharaoh's Daughter," some Kylian performances, and Nutcracker.


It is amazing that these are live performances! Forget the iphone5, this is an amazing gift of technology!

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I would add, as I have on previous threads on this subject, that the list on Emerging Pictures may not be complete. Check your local theatre; the site claims I have only about three ballets at my local theatre; the Cineplex site says otherwise. For those in Canada: Cineplex Dance Series

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I went to a screening of La Sylphide last night. There were only four other people in the theater.

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Be sure to spread the word about these shows to your ballet friends and local studios! With low attendance, the movie theaters will not schedule additional performances. We had ours cut down to only 3 shows this year.

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Oh no! That would be terrible to have the number cut down! We just discovered these and I am over the moon about them. We plan to go to every single one.


DD and I are using our social media links to spread the word.

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They are live sometimes, Curanera, particularly in my theatre. Most of the ones I've been to have had a warning: "because this is transmitted by satellite, we may have quick lapses in contact, sorry about that...." But I think many other theaters sometimes do one live showing, and another recorded one? Anyway, when I saw La Sylphide, it was in September, not October...

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@ascballerina - thanks for the info. The website for Emerging Pictures is not very helpful. After I posted this thread, I did the math on time differences between the location of the two different shows playing at our theater - and it didn't make sense to be a live simulcast.


But, in the end, it really doesn't matter. It was so well done, I can't wait for the next one. But I also didn't want to give out wrong information, that's why I updated.

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