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Heels Up When Jumping


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Petit Allegro is really not my forte. Actually I am miserable at it! I am quite tall and struggle to move fast and with springing jumps. Don't even get me started on beats! Lately my teachers have been pointing out that I never get my heels down in my jumps and/or just before I releve my heel pops off the gournd a little. :jawdrop: I have tried to focus on these aspects, but I can't tell if I am doing it correctly. Its just so hard for me to get my heels down or get deep into my plie. Any recommendations for fixing my jumping issues? I also have very good range of turnout, but I stuggle to hold it in jumps... :firedevil: Thank you so much for any imput or advice. I really want to improve my petit allego because it can be so fun and I know that being tall is no excuse!

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Getting the heels down is vitally important. Here's where some solo practice on your own time can come in handy. "Save" some combinations from classes, and do them at a speed where you are sure that the heels are going down and staying down. Learn how that feels and how to get there. Use the mirror for a visual reference. Increase the tempo until you are hitting proper demi-pliƩ every time, all the time. It's tricky, but I'm sure that you can do it.

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