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Optimal Length of classes for 12 year old


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I wanted to find out what the optimal length of time for ballet classes should be.


This was my dds schedule last year:


M - 90 min technique + 30 min pointe

W - 90 min technique + 30 min pointe

Th - 90 min technique



We are considering switching to a new school (a pre-pro bigger "well-known" school in our area) and her schedule will be:


M - 90 min technique including pointe

W - 90 min technique including pointe

Th - 60 min technique including pointe


She will be going from 5 1/2 hrs a week down to 4 hrs a week. I could suppliment another class at another studio on Fridays, but is this necessary? Just wanted to get thoughts on if more hours is necessarily better or should we be looking more at the quality of training as opposed to the length of classes.

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You can log 40 hours at a studio, but if the technique is poor , its 40 hours wasted.


I cant speak to the correct amount of hours for av12 yr old tho.


Edited to correct grammar issues in my post

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The schedule at the current school is better, however, we have no way of knowing the quality at either school. Personally, I much prefer the extra 30 minutes of pointe to including it in the 90 minutes, and definitely not the one hour class. Don't like that at all, pointe or no pointe.

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Thanks Albini and Victoria. We have decided to stay with the current school/schedule. It may be a "no frills" school and not one of the "big name" ones, but it suits my daughter's needs and allows for individual creativity for each dancer. Sometimes the grass is not all that greener on the other side.


Thanks again.

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