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What do you think are premier ballet companies?

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It is all a matter of opinion on what the best ballet companies in the US are and the best in the world. I'm wondering what companies you think are the best and why! I honestly don't know enough about a lot of companies to make this decision which is why I want to know what you guys think. :(

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Sammy, "the best" is always a matter of opinion. There are a lot of excellent companies in the US, and in many, many other countries too. Some are larger and more well known, like American Ballet Theatre, The Royal Ballet, The Bolshoi Ballet, The Maryinsky Ballet (Kirov), Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Royal Winnipeg, Paris Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, etc., etc., etc. Then there are companies which are a bit smaller, and not as famous, but also very good. They exist in major cities all over the world. :(

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